Friday, August 2, 2013

Let me count the ways this move has SUCKED...

12. Skid marks on carpet when we moved my desk into my new upstairs office (which is quite warm).

11.  Guilt trip from my mom.

10.  USAA mistakenly issued two cashier's checks for $3900 instead of one.  Now we have a lot less cash available to us.  They said it was a "teller error" and it would be fixed by Monday.  Bill is prepared to camp out there tomorrow.  There was a time not long ago when this really would have been a catastrophe.

9.  Internet/phone/cable not available until next week.  Bill got me a portable hotspot to tide me over until then; it costs $40 a month.

8.  I got stung by some kind of stinging insect.  Bill stepped in fire ants.

7.  My filling seems loose when I try to floss around that tooth.

6.  The last motel was a real dive, complete with peeling wallpaper and nasty carpeting that Arran would not stop licking.

5.  The gas was turned off and no one bothered to tell us.  Consequently, I took a tepid shower (not so bad in 100+ heat).  Bill tried to start dinner and found out we have no propane.

4.  Two of the four plates Bill packed broke.  One was a dinner plate from our regular stash.  The other was a salad plate from a set we bought during our first weeks in Georgia after we moved from Germany.  We will need to hit World Market.  Hopefully, they still have my plates.

3.  We will have to sleep on an air bed until the fucking movers get here.  Hopefully, they won't hold our stuff hostage and nothing got broken.  Whoever unloads the shit is hopefully better than those who loaded it.

2.  Shitty email from moving company regarding their fuck up of our floors in NC.  See my other post today.

1.  I think Aunt Flow is on the way.

Both Bill and I are about ready to start throwing things.  


  1. Holy smoke, Knotty, you and P sure aren't having a good move! Hopefully you're fast running out of quota of things that can go wrong and that Texas will turn out better with time!

  2. I'm sure it will get better... But in the meantime, it sucks!


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