Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just got reprimanded by a TBM "friend" on Facebook...

Because I posted this...

And I wrote that the Book of Mormon musical is coming to San Antonio and maybe it was time Bill and I saw it.  I love the music... I love comedy... and my husband is an exMormon whose family was pretty much ruined by Mormonism.  That doesn't mean I necessarily think that Mormonism ruins all families.  But I have seen it fuck up my husband's family.

Why the hell shouldn't I see it?  Why shouldn't Bill see it?  Considering what happened to his family, I think he is owed a laugh or two at Mormonism's expense.  Mormonism was not the sole cause of his family's disintegration, but it made an awfully nice tool.  And it hurts to see his formerly bright daughter so indoctrinated and entrenched in her church that she thinks her father is going to outer darkness for "rejecting the one true church".

This guy wrote...  "I would highly recommend not seeing this play or supporting any production that makes money by poking fun a religious beliefs...."

Dude... there is no such thing as bad publicity. And some of the more enlightened LDS folk have recognized that they can spin the musical so that it's a good thing. I know of at least one person who joined the church because she saw this show. That won't be happening to me, of course, but there's no reason to assume that seeing the BOM show is going to turn off people. And the fact that it's a hit show pretty much means that even if I don't go see it, it's still going to be running for years. Sorry.

For his part, this guy's scolding pretty much talked Bill into buying tickets. He said a Sunday performance would be fine, since the show was relevant to his apostate tendencies. And he just wouldn't brew beer that day. When I met Bill, he was LDS. Now he's a smartass!

So I got us a couple of good seats for the September 29th show at 7:30pm. It's the last show until they go to Austin. Should be lots of fun! I look forward to writing about it on my travel blog.

I like to support the arts. And I like to laugh. This should be a winning combination... me, Bill, and lots of snark. I can't wait.


  1. I can't wait to hear your review. When we lived in northern Clifornia, the general area (particularly Fairrfield, which wasn't far awa, but the whole region in general) had a larger-than-would-be-expected lDS population. A community theatre in the area put on one of the "Nunsense" productions (I didn't remember which one, except it was the one that had "Sister Julia, Child of God" who was a cook. They all blend together, as I've been involved with a few). My mom and I split the accompaniment duties on this particular one. The aduience every night was made up of Catholics (whom we knew because we're Catholic and know a lot of the Cathlics in the area) laughing at themselves and their own religion, and Mormons 9whom we knew mostly because of their obnoxious bumper stickers on their cars, but also because they just had this look about them) who were laughing at the Catholic beliefs. lutherans laugh at themselves. presbyterians call themselves the "frozen chosen" (in reference to thier non-charismatic form of worship, I would presume), and are similarly self-deprecating. even some pentecostals have a bit of a sense of humor about thier religion. It's only mormons , JWs, and Muslims who take themselves so seriously that neither can they laugh about abything connected to their own religion; they don't thin anyone else has that right, either. I'm dying to hear what you think of the musical.

    Regarding John Sheehan, after giving the matter some thought, I probably won't contact him. As interesting as the info he would give me might be, I'd hate for him to casually mention to Judge Alex that I was contacting his relative. I'd come across as a bit stalker-ish. John mentioned in the communication you forwarded that lots of women go gaga over the judge. I assumethe judge doesn't think I"m one of those women, as he's about five years older than my dad, so thinking of him in that way would be a bit sick. I can say objectively that he's a nice-looking man for his age, but as far as having any sexual feelings or even a crush . . . yuck!

    There's one semi-journalist from the UK named Jaci who spends quite a bit of time here in the US. She more or less hounded the judge for an interview, all the while publicly extolling his physicalvirtues. He eventually gave her an interview, and the results were somewhat sickening. if I were the judge, I would not want to be in a public place with her again. I don't think Judge Alex is clueless, and even if part of what she writes, and wrote in that particular blog, is in jest, I can't imagine him feeling very comfortable. I don't want him to think I'm another jaci. I'm just a mutual twittter follower since he re-follwed me.

    1. I can't wait to write the review of the BOM musical. That guy really pissed me off last night. His public chastisement pretty much made Bill decide we were going to the show. I should probably thank him for being such an asshat.

      As for John Sheehan, I can't blame you for not wanting to talk to him. You don't know him, after all, and even if he doesn't say anything to Judge Alex, it's probably not a good idea. He's a very friendly guy, though.


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