Friday, August 23, 2013

"It's the plumber. I've come to fix the sink."

When I was little, I loved watching The Electric Company.  For you whippersnappers who weren't around in the 70s and 80s, The Electric Company was an educational variety show that aired on PBS.  Some big name talent was involved in the show.  Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, and Irene Cara were all cast members.  The show featured hilarious songs, skits, and cartoons centered around learning how to read.

I have always been a reader and am very musical, so the show really appealed to me, despite the funky early 70s era clothes and weird sound effects.  The Electric Company was by far my favorite PBS show.  In fact, it probably still is my favorite show from PBS.  They tried to update it, but I'm not sure the magic was still there.  Back in the 70s, things weren't as politically correct as they are now.  Life was probably simpler in many ways.

Anyway, this morning, the plumber came to fix our sink and I was immediately reminded of this...


Which, of course, reminded me of this...

I'm glad I was a kid in the simple 70s.  My favorites are the ones with soulful music.  LOL... "Who's the dummy writing this show?!"

Our kitchen sink, by the way, turned out to be fine.  We called the plumber because we weren't getting hot water.  At first he thought the cartridge was bad and was starting to tell me about how the faucet was a piece of crap from Home Depot.  But then he turned it all the way to the wall and let the water run for awhile and we eventually got hot water... after a long while.  Bill was embarrassed when I told him, but even the plumber thought the faucet was messed up, so there you go.


  1. "Ruth" and "hey diddle, Diddle" were cool. This reminds me of the fascination I had with Humpty Dumpty when I was really little, like maybe two. My parents had a really high-backed upholstered chair, and I repeatedly climbed on top of it and pretended to be Humpty Dumpty. about a dozen goose eggs later, they moved it to where nothing behind it really showed, an bought a huge foam-filled cushion to protect me from the floors and the wall.

  2. LOL... I was so inspired by The Electric Company that I had to write a blog post about Tom Lehrer on Pop Rock Nation today, too...

    You might enjoy it. He wrote a song about the Catholics!


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