Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's coming!

We got a call from the movers today.  Our stuff is scheduled to arrive Wednesday.  Two more nights on air beds!

The gas man came this morning and hooked us up, so we have hot water now... and the stove and oven work.  We also got our mail.  Slowly but surely, it's coming together.

I used my Novica.com credits to buy a new ice bucket.  We already have one; it was a wedding gift from my husband's stepmother.  We use it to decide where our next trip is going to be.  This bucket will be the kind with wine in it for days by the pool.

The dogs love having a backyard to play in and run around in freely... no more forcing them to stay on the deck.

I haven't heard from the dentist's office yet.  If they don't call in the next day or two, I'll call someone else.  Maybe I'll go to my mother-in-law's dentist.

Hopefully, our stuff will have made it here intact.


  1. Things are slowly coming together. Now if you could just get the dental work done and get the Internet working . . .


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