Sunday, August 4, 2013

I want my furniture...

At about 4:30am this morning, I woke out of sound sleep to my left calf cramping very painfully.  As I tried to move into a position that would help relax my muscles, I sank into the miserable air mattresses.  I was yelping and groaning in pain and sweet Arran came running over to see what the matter was.  My calf finally relaxed after an excruciating moment or two of spasms.  It's still pretty sore right now.

I want my bed back.  Three nights of sleeping on air mattresses has my back all messed up.  I'm tempted to just buy a new mattress (we need one anyway) so we'll have something better to sleep on for the next few days until our stuff gets here.

I have written before that good things come out of every situation.  This move has been pretty painful for us, but there have been some nice things happen.  For one thing, yesterday Bill and I went to World Market to replace the plate that got broken in transit.  While we were there, I spotted a lounger.  Since the new house has a pool and I've been wanting a lounger for awhile, I checked out the price.  It turned out the lounger was marked down from $250 to $62.50.  The pads that go with the lounger were originally about $90.  I got one for $22.  Sure, it's bright orange, but it'll fade anyway.

We also picked up some new outdoor chairs and cushions.  We already had two chairs and a table and umbrella on the way.  The two new chairs will give mother-in-law a place to sit.

Speaking of mother-in-law, she came over yesterday with some plants for us and wood for the fire pit out back.  She also made me some banana pudding!  We're going to her house today to take hot showers and wash clothes.  Bill is going to cook a roast he bought the other day and wanted to cook in our own home.  Of course, he couldn't because we don't have gas yet.  That will be taken care of tomorrow, with any luck.

The other day, while sitting in the crappy motel room and listening to Bill tell me about the shitty moving company people who don't want to take responsibility for the damages they did in our NC rental, I had quite a crying jag.  I used to have them very frequently, but then stopped having them after being on antidepressants and moving out of the stressful situation I was in at the time.  This past week has been unusually stressful, so I just got overwhelmed with frustration and broke down for a few minutes.  Anyway, I was on the bed having a minor meltdown and Zane became distressed.  He came over to see what was wrong and comfort me.  It was really very sweet.  Zane is a very sensitive dog anyway, though.  He doesn't like it when I'm upset and will sometimes hide if I raise my voice.  Even if Bill and I speak in an animated tone of voice, he gets nervous.

These past few days have really made me appreciate my furniture more, especially my bed.  I can't wait to see it.  And I hope very much that the movers who unload us are better than the ones in North Carolina.  I also hope nothing got broken in transit.  I would hate to have to complain more about this company than I already have.


  1. So feel your pain. When I moved to Houston, the movers were two weeks late. I slept on an air mattress the whole time (and the mattress kept losing air every night so that was fun) and bought a couple of pots from the dollar store so I would have something to eat out of that I could also use later to cook with. It just sucks beyond belief.

    If you're planning on buying a new mattress anyway, totally go do that now. At least then you'll have something that won't make you want to chop off your own leg during the night. Hang in there!

    1. Yeah... we had to refill the mattresses last night. We have two twins and a queen and we stacked them on top of each other. We bought the queen when we were in Germany and the twins when we were in Georgia because we couldn't bring our air mattress with us on the plane. I'm not so sure the stacking helps much, because it's still too soft and unstable to sleep very well on. You would think with as many moves as we've done, we would have this down to a science... but we neglected to bring a table and chairs we used when we first got married. I think we did that because we never use it anymore, but it would have been very helpful right now.

      The one thing stopping me from buying a mattress now is the prospect of disposing of the old one. That... and the expense... But I do want a new mattress. We have one that is about 9 years old and sags and another that I bought in 2009 and have never liked. I will have to chat with Bill about it. I tell you what, the mattresses in both La Quintas we stayed in were excellent. I might have to go "test lay" on a couple of Simmons mattresses.


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