Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I think someone may be ripping off our power...

Yesterday, we got our first power bill.  It was for fifteen days of service, but we were billed over $300. I know this is a big house and it's August in San Antonio, but I just don't see how the two of us have used that much power.  There were charges for overuse during peak hours and while we did have the doors open one day while moving in, I just can't understand how we could have used that much juice.

There's also a suspicious looking cord in the backyard.  It appears to be hooked up to a Time Warner cable box, but we don't subscribe to Time Warner.  This neighborhood looks like there are shady folks around.  So Bill sent a note to the power company and we'll have them check things out for us.  If we're going to be paying $600 a month for electricity, it's time to be looking for a new place to live now.

Besides, it's very hot in this house.  I'm sitting here sweating and it's not even 9:00am.

I know Texas has got to be better than this.  


  1. The weather will get better in the fall and winter months. That is a huge bill for the time you've been there, although air conditioning eats up a lot of power. Which company did you go with?


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