Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey Alexis...

Just for fun, I decided to review Pat Boone's 'Twixt Twelve and Twenty...  I figured if anyone would appreciate that review, it would be you.  ;-)

For more fun reading about Pat Boone's thoughts on growing up, check out this blog post.


  1. Fun reviews! I've heard different versions of that last time Pat spanked Debby, but never the one that the blogger told. The one I've read most frequently was that he was trying to put her over his knee and she was struggling, and he elbowed her in in the head and gave her a goose egg. He was man-handling her the whole time, and as it was going down, Shirley was yelling at Pat to cut it out. She never actually got spanked In other accounts, so there were no bruises on her bottom. (The only account of him bruising one of them was the one you cited, where Cherry had come home late and in her anorexic state had no soft tissue to cushion the blows.)

    I want to hear Laury's story. She's the only one who hasn't authored a book. She's a middle-school English teacher, so one would hope she's at least semi-literate. She was, though less rebellious overall and didn't clash with Pat as Debby did, the naughty child. She has to have piece that would help to put together the puzzle of this rather strange family. They each had their roles, with Cherry having to starve herself to get any attention, Lindy being the perennial good girl who never distanced herself either geographically or otherwise from her parents (I suspect she was spanked fewer times than the rest and carries fewer resentments), Debby the rebel who supposedly had the wool pulled over her mother's eyes but not her father's, according to Pat (I'm not a parent, but I'm guessing all he needed to do was to give Debby just a bit of space and to draw the line if she took anything to a ridiculous extreme, which from all available accounts she never did), and Laury, the impulsively naughty one.

    None of the girls really dis their parents the way I would, although I've heard very subtle criticisms. Debby, for one, said when she was in the process of having babies, that she planned to set firm boundaries when the children were tiny, but to essentially teach them to govern themselves so that she didn't have to battle it out with them continually when they were teens.

    Cherry has defended Pat and Shirley in terms of their handling of her anorexia. In a letter to People magazine following an article about anorexia, she wrote that they did the very best they could with the limited information that was available at the time. She made a conscious choice, though, between them and her husband. Remember in Starving for Attention, when she was flying from wherever they were living back to southern CA to perform with her family. he told her something to the effect of , "While you're gone, I want you to think long and hard. You can have your family and show business and anorexia, or you can have our marriage, but not both." She chose the marriage. Maybe they were already in the state of Washington at the time, but regardless, they've been there awhile. She didn't cut the others out of her life, but she clearly chose her marriage.

    I don't want to be weirdly voyeuristic, but I wonder how the girls handled corporal punishment in their own families.

  2. Man.., it is uncanny how similar our tastes in reading material are...


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