Friday, August 30, 2013

Cinnamon repels ants and other interesting factoids...

The other day, I noticed we had new guests in our home.  There were ants crawling all over the counters in the kitchen.  So I went to the trusty Internet and searched for a solution.  Turns out, ants hate a lot of things.  They don't like chili powder, baby powder, cloves, or cinnamon.  I spied a large container of cinnamon that we must have bought when we lived in Georgia less than three years ago.  I sprinkled some on the counters and sure enough, the ants disappeared.  Supposedly, you can also find where they're coming into the house and spread some Vaseline.  That will also stop them.  I don't know how the ants are coming into this house; I suspect they come in somehow behind the oven/stove.  Since I am not the owner of the range, I'm not going to go exploring.

The electric company sent over a guy yesterday who took a new reading of our meter.  Later, Bill got an email from them letting us know that they had misread our meter and would be issuing a credit.  Our bill is now -$147.

I really think that after we've lived here a year, we'll be packing up and moving again.  I don't see myself staying here much longer than that.  For one thing, if Bill doesn't find a comparable job, we'll need to downgrade.  For another thing, I am not wild about this house or its managers.  If we do move in a year, it will not be the shortest time between moves we've ever had.  In January 2007, we moved to a new home, then moved again in September of that same year.  I don't like the idea of moving, but even if we stay in San Antonio, I think I'd rather live on the other side of the city, on the way to Hill Country.

Something tells me we probably will stick around San Antonio... though if we have to move again, I'd be just as happy to go somewhere with less intense heat in the summer... like Germany or the Pacific Northwest.  But we'll see...   I think it'll be okay.

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