Thursday, August 29, 2013

Babies everywhere...

A whole bunch of my friends and several family members are pregnant or just had a baby.  One woman I know from my years on a second wives/stepmoms Web site is 43 years old and about to have her fifth child sometime between now and a few weeks from now.  I read on Facebook that her blood pressure spiked a lot last night, so she's in the hospital.  I know she had a few weeks to go and apparently will be stuck in the hospital until her son is born.  I think that would drive me nuts.  Edited to add, the baby's birth is now underway.  He will be born today or tomorrow.

I have another friend that had a baby a few days ago.  It took her and her husband a couple of days to decide on a name.  Names are very important.  Makes me wonder, though, what they called their little bundle for the couple of days they were deciding.

One of my cousins' daughters is pregnant with her second baby.  When this girl was growing up, I didn't know her because my cousin and his wife were Jehovah's Witnesses and didn't celebrate holidays.  We used to see the family every Thanksgiving, but since they didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, they were never at the reunions.  I suspect that the fact that they had five kids and lived in Alaska or Texas the whole time, it was a financial hardship for them to come to Virginia.  I remember meeting these kids for the first time in 2000, when the oldest kid was 16.  They've since left the JWs and are actually pretty awesome people.  They live not too far from us and my cousin's wife is having a baby shower for her daughter.  That same daughter and her older sister are throwing a birthday party for their mom!  Both mom and sisters asked me for my address so they can send us invitations!  I wonder if they know about each others' shindigs...

I have another cousin who had a baby in June and just found out her dad, my uncle, has leukemia.  Her mother has Alzheimer's Disease.  She is posting photos of them holding her baby.  Sadly, I have doubts that they will get to watch the little girl grow up.  That's what makes these photos even more precious.

I have a friend in Scotland who is pregnant with her fifth child.  I met her and her husband in 1994, when we all worked at Camp Paddy Run.  Hubby is from Belfast, while mom is from Stafford, Virginia.  In 1997, we traveled through several European countries together.  They got married and now have three sons and a daughter and one on the way.  Mom earned a PhD and, I think, is now attending medical school.  Talk about a busy lifestyle!

I always wanted to have a baby, but looking at all these people I know who are having kids makes me think I'm good with my current lifestyle.  The prospect of having a kid at 41 or 42 is kind of scary.  I imagine if I did get pregnant, it would be considered "high risk" because of my age.  Given how much I dislike doctor's visits, I doubt I would enjoy the making of a baby knotty.  Also, any baby of mine would probably be more obnoxious than the world could stand...  On the other hand, the baby would also be Bill's, and he has a remarkably nice personality.  So you never know... but it's unlikely we'll ever know.

It's fun to look at all the baby photos, though, and read all the stories from my friends and family members who are becoming parents.  I wish them luck with it.  This world gets more complicated and scarier every day.   


  1. I think when people get married later in life, get lucky after trying for a long time, or finally decide that they want it afer not feeling that way before, having a baby in one's forties is a great thing. I wouldn't have my fifth or sixth (or 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th) baby after forty, though. you;ve alresayd had the experience, there are lots of people on the planet in comparison to the Earth's dwindling resources, and you're playing Russian roulette with your own health and the baby''s 21st chrmosome. It's one thing if it's a couple's first, but hen oone already has a house full of kids, such as my aunts do,continueing to be a baby mchine seems to be a needless risk.

    I don't share this opinion in public, though. I'm not THAT rude.I just coo over the baby and ask to hold him or her and comment on how cute he or she is whether the baby's a Downie or not. (Down syndrome babies are typically VERY cute.)They're all precious in God's eyes anyway, and it's certainly not the baby's fault. the only reason most of the aunts on my dad's side even remotely tolerate mke is because i make a bigger deal out of their babies than most of the other relatives do. It's just one more baby as far as the rest are concerned except for my mom and me. We treat them all as if they're the first baby ever born. The way to a mother's heart is through how you treat her baby.

  2. True 'dat. My FB friend had a c-section and her baby was born last night at 11:55. Apparently, the placenta ruptured and had a knot in it. I hope he'll be okay.


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