Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aw James....

Just found out that James Taylor is going to perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I have to say I'm pretty surprised about this.  I hope this isn't a sign that he's fall on hard times.  Guess he won't be singing "Steamroller".



  1. Surely nothard times is the cause. I don't think James will fall on hard times until he falls into the grave. When is this event happening? Out of sheer Mormon curiosity, I can't miss it. Those things are eventually televised. I wonder if it's the Christmas performance. James is or at least was an atheist, but he did record a Christmas album with some standard religious carols. And yes, he WILL perform "Steamroller." He'll sing "mother frickin" rather than "mother fuckin" and Mack Wiberg will never know the difference. I would seriously pay to see this even if only for its novelty. The one part I dread is the ten- or fifteen-minute praise-a-thon at the end where the guest star has to talk about how wonderful the Mo-Tab is. James will have to go back on drugs to get through that part and to lie that much. Maybe they can dress up his son or whichever brother looks the most like him to stand in as a double for him to do that part so he can stay clean and sober.

  2. I just read that the concert is next week. I don't know why the music produced, who's totally in the know on all things Mo Tab related, didn't tell me, because he knows I love James Taylor. I totally would've entered the lottery, although my grandfather probably would have had a way of having the list checked for my name and blackballing me. he would have told tommy Monson that I planned to stage a protest right in the middle of the concert.

    I would have gladly paid for my own plane ticket, and I wouldv;e requested for my parents if either wanted to go, as four tickets per household re allowed. They say you can show up to see if there are any know -shows and there is room, but I'm not flying to Utah for those odds.

    C'est la vie. I've seen James Taylor twice - one in a large setting and once at a fairly impromptu coffeehouse performance when I was pretty young. He was phenomenal in both settings. maybe seeing him live with the Mo Tab would have tainted the other performances in my mind.

    I can't help wondering why he would do this. The church sort of stands for everything he stands against in terms of causes. maybe he really does need the money. I wonder how much it pays. Whatever it pays, if he truly needs the money, I hope it is enough.

    What would be hysterical would be for him to announce to the press immediately afterward that he had donated the money to the equal right to marriage cause, or to help the women of Texas fight that hot mess Rick Perry created in your new state.

    Speaking of the hot mess in Texas (I'm not necessarily pro- abortion; I just don't think any doctor should have the right to force a probe into a woman's vagina and consider it rape, and I also don't think a predominantly male legislature needs to be making decisions about what women can do with their bodies) Stephanie March, Alex Cabot of SVU, spoke of her great-grandmother founding Planned Parenthood in the state of Texas in 1938. I'd read about the Marches in Texas, so I knew this already, but it's interesting about how women essentially had more reproductive rights in Texas in 1938 than they do in 2013.

    While I don't care about celebrity political candidate endorsements, if they research a cause about which they care about deeply and show up to a rally to speak about it, I'm fine with that, as opposed o bringing up a candidate or a platform during a concert for which attendees had paid money to attend not knowing it contained a political agenda. Even if they show up at a politician's rally and sing a few songs,I don't have a huge problem with it although my vote would not be in any way influenced by an entertainer's performance or endorsement. If an entertainer cares enough to research a specific cause and has something intelligent to say about it at a proper platform for such discussion, I'll listen to what he or she has to say. I won't automatically fall into lockstep with the viewpoint because of he person's celebrity, but I'll hear what he or she has to say. Stephanie March made a most intelligent and passionate presentation.

    I'm not dissing your state. I just thing Rick Perry opened a real can of worms.

    1. I can't really consider Texas my state yet, having lived here less than a month. I certainly have no allegiances to its politicians yet!

      As for JT, I too have seen him twice. Once was at the Hampton Coliseum when I was 18 and the other time was in 2003 at the Nissan Pavilion. He was great at both shows, though the second one was almost ruined for us because we were seated behind two drunk women who practically creamed themselves every time James opened his mouth.

      Later that year, we saw his brother Livingston perform at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. Frankly, I enjoyed Liv's performance much more. It was very intimate and Liv was accessible to everyone. And we were served a lovely dinner before the show started. That show was on the night we moved to Fort Belvoir and very soon after we lost our beloved first rescue hound, CC, to a mycobacterial infection. Mycobacterial infections are very rare in dogs and we ended up taking CC to a very high speed facility that was very expensive. But even if we could have afforded the bill (over $1100 for less than 24 hours), there is nothing they can do for dogs with those infections. I think the vet wanted to study CC, though. Liv's concert was very comforting after that experience.

      I don't know about Taylor's wealth... I know he's a legend and people will love him forever, but I doubt he's as wealthy as he once was. And yeah, I was always under the impression that he was atheist, just based on his 1997 album, Hourglass, which sort of explores the subject. I also have that Christmas album-- actually, I have the Hallmark one that came out in 2004. I pull it out every year.


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