Thursday, July 4, 2013

We applied for a house...

We have to wait for a decision, but I imagine we'll get approved.  It's in a subdivision and has a surprisingly large yard that backs up to a shopping center, with a nice privacy fence.  Actually, it's a really big house.  More than we need.  But it does have a great kitchen.

I will miss the trees and privacy we've enjoyed in North Carolina.  Even if we don't get this house, there are just a lot of people here.  I will also miss our cheap rent.  I doubt we could have found a suitable house in San Antonio for what we we've been paying.

But there's a lot to do here and the house is very nice...  And HUGE.  Maybe in a year or two, we'll be ready to buy something and put down roots.


  1. I really hope you get the house. I hope texas is good for you. I cannot imagine being happy in texas, but maybe it's just becuase I'm not comfortable in really hot weather. The Sacramento valley was more than hot enough for me, and Texas is, I understand, worse in most parts if the state.

    In term of culture, San Antonio soounds like a pretty cool place, though I don't think I've been thre. My mom said she lived in San Angelo for awhile nd liked it there.

    Once we were traveling somewhere and had a stopover in Dallas. My dad said we didn't have time to do the Dealey Plaza/ Texas School Book Depository/ JFK Assassination tour. I threw an all-out "I refuse to eat one bite of anything and will exist on water alone if you do not allow the JFK Tour" hunger strike-tantrum. My mom must've wanted to see the sites as well, because that's the only time my dad has ever given in to any of my threats or tantrums. I'm really glad he did. It's my most memorable vacation of all those we took as a family.

  2. Oddly enough, the weather has been fairly nice. Yes, it's warm, but not oppressively so. But I realize we've probably just been lucky.

    As for the house, having it lined up now just means less worry and hassle later. It is a nice place, though.


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