Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting for the packers...

They said they'd be here at 8:00 and it's now quarter to 9:00.  Bill took the dogs to the pet resort so they won't be underfoot as we pack all the stuff today.  Tomorrow, they will load it up and we will spend Thursday and Friday cleaning everything.  Saturday, we hope to be on the road.

We will likely stop in Peachtree City, Georgia for a night.  We used to live right next to Peachtree City, so we already know where to stay... and where to pick up some JailHouse beer.  Then we'll probably stop somewhere near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Then we'll spend a night west of Houston.  Then we'll hopefully reach San Antonio, probably before August 1st.  That means more time in a hotel.

The Army pays for ten days of temporary lodging as we sort out our new housing.  The shit is about to start now.  I'd like to get started so it will be over and done.  As I go through and throw things away, I'm realizing that it's good that we're moving out of this house-- even though I will miss the yard.  It's falling apart.  The floors are rotting.  So are the door frames.  The laminate flooring is tenting.  Every time it rains, the windows fog up.  Two of the bathrooms have no ventilation, so they get all steamed up, especially when it's rainy.

It's been cheap to live here and the people are nice, but it's time for a better house.  I know Bill looks forward to a better kitchen... as do I.

And now that we've experienced it, I think we won't be living in a modular home again, if we can help it.  

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