Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too much vino... and more butt hurt over moving...

Last night, I drank too much wine.  Consequently, when my husband got up at 4:30am to go to work, I woke up too... and was very dehydrated and a bit hungover.  I took an Advil PM and drank water, then went back to sleep until about 7:00am, when my dogs and my body woke me up.  I'm a little out of sorts this morning.  I think I might just skip the booze today.

Someone from the moving company is coming over today to pre-inspect the house and see how long it will take to pack everything for us.  It's really hot and humid outside and I'm dreading the process of the move, because we are going to be moving to an even hotter climate.  As I walked around our lovely tree filled yard today, I thought about how small and treeless the next house's yard is liable to be (if we get it, that is).  It kind of makes me sad.  I will miss living here, even though the house we live in is pretty strange and has some problems.

I wish San Antonio had more areas that aren't so population dense.  The only way we'd be able to find a more private home is to move a ways out.  That would mean a longer commute, more wear and tear on the car, and more fuel consumption.

One other thing I'm going to miss is the extra cash we've been getting living here.  This house we've been living in is very inexpensive.  Our utility bills aren't that much and our rent is low.  The house we applied for is significantly more expensive.  I don't think we could find anything suitable in San Antonio for what we've been paying here, though.  We are ready to live in a nicer property and are willing to pay more for it, but none of the ones that are just a little more expensive are big enough or allow pets.

On the other hand, our rent in Georgia was $150 more per month than what we are slated to pay in Texas.  We also had more debt back then.  So I'm sure we'll manage and still have a decent lifestyle, even if it means fewer trips abroad.  ;-)

I'm glad we took advantage of living in cheaper digs and went to Europe three times and the Caribbean once in the past two years.  We've had some really good times.

I guess now I'm going to focus on getting rid of our other car payment in case we have to live in it after Bill retires.  ;-)

Just kidding.  I don't think he's going to have a problem finding work in San Antonio.  I hope we like it there.  I hope I get used to the heat and the close quarters with neighbors... and I hope we have nice neighbors.

Although we have applied for another house, I'm still looking at listings just in case this one falls through, too.

I'm giving some serious thought to purchasing a ChiliPad.  It'll make Bill happy, because he gets hot easily.  The one thing stopping me is that we also need a new mattress.  I bought us one in 2009, but I don't like it and it's been on our guest bed since we moved to North Carolina.  I think we'll switch it back in Texas because the mattress we've been using is a bit saggy.  We bought it in 2004 and it's seen its share of abuse.  I also need to buy a new table because the one I have is "on its last legs".  I purchased it in 2005 after completing a rather lucrative writing job, but back then we were pretty poor so I bought a cheap set.  And now it's falling apart.  So it's time to find a new table and chairs set that is made of better stuff and will hold up to more abuse.

The joys of military life...  Glad to know it's going to end soon, even if retirement is scary.

Not that I expect anyone to buy a ChiliPad through this link; just wanted to put it there for those who want to know what it is.

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