Sunday, July 7, 2013

Today is Bill's birthday...

He's 49.  His mom is taking us out for brunch.

We went to see her yesterday after taking a drive to Austin and wandering around.  There wasn't much to see in Austin yesterday, so we ate at Chili's.  Normally, we'd look for something better, but I was getting irritable and flushed (which I tend to do when I get hungry), plus I really needed a bathroom.

On the way back to San Antonio, I got impatient and started playing with the seatbelt, which always gets Bill nervous.  He pulled it out all the way, which made it lock.  I commented on Facebook that he doesn't like it when I don't wear a seatbelt.  Got some interesting comments...  It's hard to believe that twenty-five years ago, in a lot of places, there were no seatbelt laws.  I reassured my friends that I do wear one 99% of the time so Bill doesn't turn into Pat Boone.  I think a lot of my FB friends think of Bill as my keeper.  ;)

Speaking of the Boone family, it seems that Lindy is the most recent sister to write a book.  It's about her son, Ryan, and how people prayed for him after he fell through a skylight.  It's definitely going to be a religious story, but I'm a sucker for books about the Boone family.  I might even read Pat Boone's books for young people.

We're going back to NC tomorrow and that means the packing, cleaning, and road trip is about to commence.  Whoopee!

I've missed the dogs and am ready to get on with the moving process.

By the way, older ex-stepdaughter had a birthday on July 4th.  She's 22.  I remembered it, but Bill forgot until last night.  He got all teary thinking about it.  Then I reminded him that it's highly unlikely she remembers his birthday is today.  Man, I wish he could have had his kids with me instead of his psycho ex.

My cousin gave birth to a daughter on July 4th of this year, too.


  1. Wish Bill a belated happy Birthday.

    Once I dropped the earphone from my IPOD in the car and couldn't reach it without undoing my seatbelt, and my dad went all Pat Boone over it. You would've though we were on an airplane and I had opened the door at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Even my mom thought he was acting like Pat Boone.

    I'll have to read Lindy's book about Ryan. I probably told you about this already, but my mom's best friend has an uncle who isn't a friend of Pat Boone's but has several mutual friends. He was seated at a table with Pat Boone at some anniversary party or similar function. I was not too long after Ryan Corbin, Lindy's son, had suffered the traumatic brain injury. All Pat could talk about was faith healing. He'd really gotten into the subject since his grandson was injured, which is somewhat understandable. The odd thing was that at the time, Pat's wife, Shirley, was suffering from severe agoraphobia (I'm pretty sure she's since come out of it to some degree) and was spending 100% of her waking hours sitting in a darkened room. My mom's friend's aunt said that she felt like telling Pat that he should have been have calling upon the powers of Jesus to heal Shirley at least as much as he did for his grandson. It would have seemed that her chances of being healed by the Spirit would have been much greater. Pat was originally a member of the Church of Christ, but when he and h family discovered the power of the Holy Spirit they were either disfellowshipped or disfellowshipped themselves, because the Church of Christ does not believe in modern manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and is not a church that tolerates dissenting beliefs. (My mom said Pat's parents were formally disfellowshipped from their congregation for that reason, and that she saw a picture in the newspaper of the couple reading their letter of disfelowshipment.) It's a little awkward, because Pat retained many of his Church of Christ friends and is a financial supporter or has been on the board of directors or something of that nature of Pepperdine University, which is operated by the Church of Christ, yet all he can talk about at times is stuff like faith healing even when he's around his Church of Christ friends. Laury, the youngest daughter, graduated from Pepperdine.

    I read "Between You and Me and the Gatepost" and "Twixt Twelve and Twenty." I would recommend them if you're feeling highly masochistic.

  2. Thanks Alexis. I showed Bill your birthday wish and he thanks you too.

    Someone blogged about Twixt Twelve and Twenty and that made me want to read it so I can write a review. I did once see a copy of it in the Farmville library (town where I went to college).


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