Friday, July 19, 2013

Time is slipping away...

I can hardly believe how fast July is passing.  Yes, I know today is the 19th, but in a mere week's time, we will be cleaning up this house and then on the road to Texas.  It seems like the last six or seven months have just flown by.

In a way, this makes me a little scared because it probably means the next year will pass quickly and then we will be in transition mode yet again.  It's good to be flexible, but with all the moving we've been doing over the past six years, I feel like I've been in a perpetual whirlwind.  On the other hand, we have gotten to see and live in some nice places.  And at least we haven't spent the last six years living in the DC area.  I was honestly afraid we would have to do that a few years ago.  It seemed like that was the only place there were jobs for my husband.

I probably need to start making some decisions about my own life, too.  Now that retirement looms, it may be time for me to stop being an overeducated housewife.  I may decide it's time to get a real job.  Or circumstances may dictate it's time for me to find a job.

I'm a little worried about that.  Texas is supposedly booming and there are reportedly plenty of jobs there.  But I haven't had a daily job in over ten years.  While I know I could go back to work, I think it will be a tough adjustment for me.  Conversely, it may also be the source of new self-respect.  I'll be honest.  There have been many times when I've felt down on myself for not working outside of the home and using the education I worked so hard to get.  But then there are also many other times when I realize that I enjoy not having to sit in a cubicle all day.  

My husband is a wonderful guy.  He supports whatever I want to do.  He doesn't hate me for not working or resent the fact that his money supports me.  But then, I try hard to respect the fact that he works hard and just wants financial security.  I don't go out and spend money we don't have on things we don't need.  That was something his ex wife used to do a lot.  When he was looking for a job, she spent money on landscaping and furniture.  She claimed that God would work it out.  She used his pay stub from National Guard duty to provide proof on income when she decided she wanted to buy a house.  She bought things from Swiss Colony and Disney plates.  She spent $75 on a huge tray of baklava at Christmas time.  One time, she single-handedly made the decision to buy two cars.  She came to Bill's job to pick him up in a van she purchased.  Then she took him to the car dealership, where the Miata she bought with his money was waiting for him.

I don't do that kind of stuff.  I don't make major purchases without my husband's knowledge or consent.    We have debt, but we work hard to retire it as soon as possible.  Not doing so would mess with our peace.  Granted, my husband is partially responsible for the financial mess he was in with his ex wife.  He didn't stop her when she made these crazy purchases.  In those days, it wasn't like he could just change the password on his USAA account; a lot of stuff was done offline.  And if he did do that, she would have accused him of being abusive.  My husband, being a sensitive kind of guy, did everything he could to avoid being labeled as abusive.  Of course, she labeled him that way anyway.

It occurs to me that we might one day want to be homeowners, though.  And that might mean I'll need to go to work.  On the other hand, we'd also like to move back to Europe if we can.  And that will mean maybe we won't want to own a home.  I really have zero desire to be a landlord or to have to worry about buying and selling property.

Speaking of housing... it looks like we may be approved for the rental we applied for.  All they were waiting for was a reference from our current landlords.  I notice that the house is no longer advertised on the property manager's Web site, though it is still on AHRN.  I have a feeling it's going to be weird to be in such a crowded neighborhood.  I will probably miss being reclusive.  Hopefully, we'll get along with our neighbors.  At least our current hounds aren't as noisy as our last ones were.


  1. I think you'll enjoy living in San Antonio. The humidity is not as bad as it is in Houston. And, if you want to dip your toes back in the working world, temp agencies are a good way to do that. Allows you to get some work experience on your resume and make no commitment unless you want a temp-to-perm job.

    Let me know if I can help you in any way with your transition to Texas. Although I do not live in SA (I'm in Houston), my Dad was raised and currently lives in San Antonio and I've been there tons of times. So anything you need, I'm always around at

  2. Thanks so much, Lawfrog! I may very well drop you a line!

    1. Feel free! I check my e-mail often so I'll reply pretty quickly.

  3. I'm glad it appears that yu've been approved for the rental. It sounded like a good fit.

    I think it's good for you to keep options open nd not to lock yurse into somthing that may ultimately limit your choices. There's no great reason to rushinto home ownership when you're not sure you won't want to be elsewhere for awhile. selling is a bitch, and you're correct that the landlord thing isn't a great option unless that's the business you're in.

    off topic, but I dded a story to mymost recent post becuse it so perfectly illustrates my father's family's dysfunctionality, althugh it does serve the purpose of making the Pat Boones look like a family of which any child wuld love to be a member. At least ther is a hero in the story. In this case, the hero was my Uncle Michael, whom I didn't know well until recently, when he moved to California. I should have known from this what a great guy he was and is. He looks very much like my dad, which at alternate times has made him both bad and good in my eyes simply by association. Right now it makes him good, as I like my dad now nd probably always will. (I think I always loved him, but I didnt always like him.)

    The sad thing about it all is that this is one of my earliest really clear memories. My two-year-old memories are snippets of things- ittle snapshots -- but my three-year-old memories are fairly complete, and this happened to be one of the first ones. Just before it was the one where I cut an artery in my arm trying to hide a broken glass because I was certain I would be in serious trouble, and I bled all over my new birthday outfit [NOT my birthday suit}. My three-year-old year got off to a lousy start.

    1. Speaking of family dysfunction, I just posted about some of that myself.

      I'll check out your edited post, Alexis. I'm in need of cheering up.


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