Monday, July 22, 2013

The cleaning has begun in earnest... On being organized...

I just cleaned some cabinets, vacuumed, stripped one of the beds, and threw out a few things.  As the day progresses, I'll be doing more stuff, purging crap we don't need, yet not purging everything that needs to be purged.  We never do.  We still have boxes from several moves ago that haven't been unpacked.  The new house is bigger, so that probably means we can unpack more stuff.  I hope in the process of doing that, we can get rid of more.

We did manage to get rid of some old electronics.  Bill hauled them to Best Buy.  And he does plan a trip to the dump to get rid of some stuff we aren't going to use again.  It won't be enough, though.  I really could use a professional organizer to come in and make me throw some things away.

Over the weekend, my Gmail inbox involuntarily got separated into three different "boxes".  I didn't ask for this.  It was done for me by people who obviously think I need to organize my email more.  That kind of makes me nuts.  I mean, it's sort of the same crap Facebook does.  Every so often, they reorganize things so you have to get used to a new format.  I guess they do this so they stay relevant... or maybe so certain programmers can keep their jobs.  But dammit, maybe I don't want my inbox separated into different categories.  What if the emails don't get routed the right way?  It's bad enough that some of my emails end up in spam when they aren't spam... and vice versa.

This morning, I inadvertently made myself sick when I swept my tongue with my toothbrush.  Somehow, I stimulated my gag reflex and ended up dry heaving.  And then, I somehow messed up my neck, so it hurts today.  I'm looking at all this mess around me and thinking it'll be great if we settle somewhere for a few years.  I don't know that we'll stay at our next house that long, since I think we'd like to purchase a home at some point and the house we're going to is bigger than we need and too close to the neighbors.

*Sigh*... I'm tired of writing about our upcoming move.  Next week will probably be a somewhat light writing week, since we'll be traveling.  We do plan to pack my desk, computer, and chair in a UHaul so I'll have it immediately when we get to Texas.  I need my computer.  It's my best friend.  ;-)

I can't wait to be done with this.


  1. When do you actually get into the cars or moving vans or whatever you're using to physically transport yourselves to Texas?

    My shrink told me once that bulimics have been using toothbrushes for emtic purposes fr uite ome time, althugh intentionally, as opposed to your mishap.

    When my family was moving from the Sacramento area to our present location, one neighbor to whom my mom was close made the comment a day ir so before the move, "It's almost like you died, and we're waiting around for the funeral."

    1. We're shooting to be on the road by Saturday. The truck comes Thursday and the packers start packing tomorrow. I suspect we'll be ready to hand over the keys by Friday afternoon... or at least I hope we are.

      Once we're on the road, I think it'll take roughly 3.5 days to get to Texas. It's about 1300 miles or so. I'll drive one car and Bill will take the other, along with the dogs. At least this house is a lot smaller than our Georgia house was.

  2. Movers are coming Wednesday. They say they only need a day.

  3. Moving sucks more ass than the Human Centipede. You have my sympathies.

    1. Indeed. And we have had to move way too many times in the past few years.


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