Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Speaking of Mr. Hankey...

I read with interest and delight about a woman in Manchester, England who tried to ride her horse through a McDonald's drive thru.  The drive thru operator refused to serve her because the drive thru is only for motorized vehicles, so she brought the horse into the restaurant where he then proceeded to take a big dump on the floor.  Naturally, the horse's visit from Mr. Hankey was very upsetting to the customers, who were all trying to enjoy Ronald McDonald's cooking.  I'm sure the steaming pile of dung did little to help them achieve that end.

Somehow, this seems oddly appropriate.  Of course, since I spent most of my childhood in a barn with horses, I am very familiar with the sight and smell of horse shit.  Indeed, I think as poop goes, horse manure is among the least offensive out there.  At least horses are pretty much vegetarians.  I say "pretty much", because my pony once ate a tuna sandwich.  He was also known to enjoy cake and everyone knows many cakes are made with eggs.

The woman ended up getting a "fixed penalty notice" for causing alarm and distress to everyone.  Those Brits sure make getting a ticket sound proper and just.

Me and Rusty, back in the day... (1988)


  1. I know that cow dung is dangerous to ingest because of the likely presence of e coli, but I know no such thing abut horse manure. It may be perfectly safe. I was going to suggest that either taste-wise or health-wise, unless e coli is present in massive qualities, the customers may have gotten a higher-quality meal had they scraped the horse dung off the floor and eaten it. That's just my opinion. Millions of chiildren would disagree, and are taken by their parents through the McDonald's drive-through window every day for a meal-sized snack to last them until dinner, which might also be from Mcdonald's for all I know.

    Seriously,on Mondays and Wednesdays I usually left campus just after the local elementary and middle schools released the children. I drove past McDonald's on my way home, and every day I passed at that time, the drive-through window was backed up all the way through the strip mall parking lot where the Mcdoncld's sat, and that was just McDonalds.There have to be those children who prefer, In and Out Burger, Burger King, Carl's jr, Taco bell, or Jack in the Box.

    And they wonder where the juvenile Type II diabetes is coming from.

    We're all entitled to put on a few pounds as we age, and as long as we can still fit into our bath tubs and don't need a crane to lift us out, we're doing no harm to anyone else and relatively little harm to ourselves.

    My mom's best friend had a four-year-old in her class who weighed 88 pounds at the start of the yyear. God only nows what he weighs now. My mom's friend tried to keep him moving, but it was hard because his asthma was fairy severe. She refused to let him have extra juices or snacks (no one else got extras escet for an extremey underweight child, whom she sent to another room to eat extra food if he liked it and it was semi-nutricious, just so th other kids who wuld have liked more wouldn't cry ful. the 88-pounder would throw himself on the floor and scream when he wsn't given extra food, and this went in all year long even though the teacher never gave in, so the behavior must have been reinforced at home.

    All these kids had better be prepared to shoot up with insulin in few years. type IUI starts out with trying to control with diet and weight loss, snd then with medication, but especially if they develop the type II diabetes at young ages, insulin will eventually be a part of their lives.

  2. Man, that is so sad. My generation didn't have these problems with diabetes.


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