Tuesday, July 2, 2013

San Antonio is overrun with...

Christian high school students...  There are about 30,000 of them here having some kind of conference.  Last night, as we walked along the Riverwalk in search of margaritas, a bunch of them stopped, formed a circle, and started praying.  They pretty much blocked the sidewalk and I had to shimmy around them, hoping I didn't fall into the river.

On the plus side, it looked like a few of the adults were enjoying some libations.

Should be an interesting week.


  1. When do one groups First amendment rights stop and another person's start. It seems like when a person is having to walk around their prayer circle and practically fall in the river might be a good arbitrary place to delineate. I'm glad their adults were enjoying the booze, though. at least someone is being a good example. (Jesus turned water into wine, moderation in all things vs. abstinence, etc., etc.)

  2. The teens appear to be Lutherans. They seem like nice kids. There sure are a lot of 'em, though.

  3. Church Lady was a Lutheran. The ones I know personally, though, are relatively laid-back as religious people go.


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