Thursday, July 11, 2013

Now Target is in hot water for being racist...

"Not all Mexicans wear sombreros"...

This morning, I read an interesting article about an "offensive" training document that was apparently passed around at a Target distribution center in Fresno, California.  The document refers to some rather sweeping generalizations about Hispanic people.

Three former employees have sued the corporate giant over the memo, citing racist slurs being used at their workplace as well as the embarrassing document.  Apparently, these folks were fired when they complained about the racist remarks.  Target hasn't been served with the suit yet.

While the memo is certainly offensive, it seemed almost like the managers were trying to understand Hispanics better by reminding workers that not all Hispanics live up to the stereotypes.  However, there's no copy of the actual document that shows the context of what was written.

Target responds that the document was not official and was only used in that one distribution center in California.  I suspect that some heads are going to roll.  In the wake of the Paula Deen hoopla, corporations seem especially sensitive about accusations of racism.  I'm not generally a fan of people suing over being offended, but the workplace is no place for offensive remarks.

Wal-Mart may not build in DC because DC wants them to pay a living wage...

I considered posting about this on Facebook, but I have a friend who works for Wal-Mart and loves his job, so I decided not to.  Wal-Mart is all about dollars and cents and doesn't want to pay overtime or doesn't want to have to pay the higher wages that local government would require.  So they may scrap plans to build more stores in the District.  Wal-Mart is pissed about being "singled out" and claim it's "unfair".  Based on everything I've read about Wal-Mart, they don't generally have a problem being unfair to workers or leveraging their corporate clout to put the legal squeeze on communities.    Turnabout is fair play.
Moving on...

The peanut butter vodka is on its way.  As I was thinking about what I could use it for, I remembered this ridiculous ad from the 80s...

Who the hell walks down the street eating out of a jar of peanut butter?

I especially remember the one above.  Ads in the 80s were so silly.  I miss them.

Since there is a decent chance the house we applied for may fall through, I've been looking for other properties.  I don't know how we'll manage to get everything sorted out, but we'll figure something out somehow, I guess.

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