Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mr. Hankey needs to pay me a visit...

Ever watch South Park?  I have a really irreverent sense of humor, but I never got around to watching South Park until my husband and I lived in Germany.  By that time, it had been on TV for several years.  Let me say I really enjoy that show.

Anyway, when I have too much wine, sometimes I start to sound a bit like a character known as "Autumn"...  Autumn is a dissatisfied housewife who is constantly drunk.  She yells at her husband, Mr. Hankey.  Mr. Hankey and Autumn are both pieces of poo and they have three little nuggets.  That's not important as it pertains to this post.

The point is, sometimes when I have too much wine, I rant.  I don't think I rant about things that I have no right to rant about; I just tend to get unnecessarily angrier and more profane.  And sometimes I need to be gently reminded to sit down and STFU.

This morning, as Bill and I were waking up, I told him the next time I get like cranky Autumn, he should just say, "Autumn, you're drunk."  And then he should remind me that in the morning, I will be getting a visit from Mr. Hankey.  Mr. Hankey shows up whether I've had wine or been a teetotaler.  He's a very regular visitor every morning.  My husband is not nearly as blessed with visits from Mr. Hankey as I am.

My guess is that if my husband said that to me, I wouldn't get angrier.  It would make me laugh.  Sometimes I just need to be redirected when I go off about something.  And sometimes I'd do well to drink Snapple.  Many times, I make a conscious choice to drink Perrier instead of booze.  It's better for me.  But we're trying to unload some booze before the big move.  

At least I don't throw things, though.


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