Thursday, July 25, 2013

Movers are gone...

It was like a herd of elephants came through here.  My husband was clearing everything at Fort Bragg, so I had to deal with them myself.  

There's a section of the floor that was tenting, probably because this house has a problem with dampness and the floor wasn't installed properly.  When it got damp last year, it tented, then went back to normal.  Then we had more wet weather this year and it tented some more.  So it was like a speed bump.  

Those damned clumsy teenaged guys with their big feet kept stepping on and tripping over the bump until one of them knocked a couple of sections out.  I had asked them to be careful because I was afraid they were going to mess up the floor and lo and behold, they did.  This house has a problem with rotting floors anyway.

I made a note of it on the paperwork.  Hopefully they'll take responsibility.  We did ask the property manager months ago to talk to the landlord about it.  They never got back to us about it.

Hopefully, our stuff will get to us more or less intact.  Right now, I just want to get out of here.  They did at least move the landlord's fridge back into the house for us.

They also left a bunch of stuff... and were in such a hurry to get out of here that I didn't catch it.

I think tomorrow, I'm going to let Bill deal with this shit.  I am through with laminate floors and modular homes, though... They're too cheap and fragile.   


  1. So when are you officially on your way? I'm glad you got a decent meal out of the Hamptons' hospitality.

    I caught some 24-hour bug yesterday - vomiting and the other gross thing simultaneously, and a lot of pain. It was determined to be no big deal (for anyone except me) but it felt like a gunshot wound to the gut, or at least what I imagine such would feel, and I wasn't entirely sure I would survive, but obviously I did. I fainted three different times during the day. My mom was starting to freak out, so my dad came home and gave me an IV with anti-diarrheal and anti-emetic medications. He couldn't give me anything to make me comfortable until the other two problems stopped, as it would've made me sleepy, and a person with diarrhea shouldn't be made artificially sleepy. I'm OK now except just weak. Life goes on.

    1. We hope to be on the road tomorrow morning. I was hoping we'd go today, but since we had the mishap with the floor, I think we won't be ready until tomorrow. I'm still cleaning right now and someone from the moving company just came back to pick up some stuff they missed yesterday.

      We could lose our deposit over this floor mess, though it's not our fault. Bill is dealing with it all right now. He came back here last night and found me in a sorry state. I was half high from bleach fumes, in a lot of pain, and on the verge of tears from exhaustion, pain, and exasperation. He had brought chocolate.

      We went back to the hotel and I was so stiff I could barely walk. I'm a little better today.

      Sorry you got sick. I hope you're feeling much better now.


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