Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In a surprisingly shitty La Quinta in San Antonio...

I picked it because it's near the property manager.  Bill is going to see the house tomorrow while I watch the dogs.  Then, if all is okay, we'll get $3900 together for first month's rent, a security deposit, and pet fees.  Then we'll sign the lease and Bill will try to get the water turned on for the weekend.

I'm in a bad mood.  I have a lot to vent about, but since I have only an iPad, I'll save it or when my computer is set up.  I think I'll be in a better mood when I have a house and an appointment to fix my tooth... Oh, and my furniture.

Getting out of this dive of a motel will help, too.  We did have good Mexican food for dinner, at least.

I almost got creamed on the road today.  Texas truckers are crazy.


  1. Welcome to Texas, glad you made it, sorry for the shitty introduction. I promise that San Antonio is pretty awesome and once you get settled, I think you'll see that too. Tomorrow, have dinner at Bill Miller's BBQ. Get the Rancher Plate with sausage and brisket - beans, rice, and fried potatoes for the sides. You'll thank me. :)

  2. Thanks Lawfrog! I have heard good things about that place.

    I know San Antonio is great. I think I'm tired of fast food and chep motels... And all the hassles leading up to this mood. I'm sure it'll be worth it, though.

    This motel isn't all bad.

    1. Sorry... iPad messed up my comment. Damn spell check.

  3. My "reply" function has no "spell-check" on my cheap laptop. That, combined with the ointment I often have in my eyes when I'm using the computer for recreational purposes, make my replies appear to be written in code.

    I'm glad your La Quinta isn't turning out to be as bad as you first thought. We've stayed in a couple of La Quintas. Our experiences were not especially bad. My parents are big on Best Western and Holiday Inn, although they'll occasionally step outside the box. Once we stayed at a La Quinta in Jersey that had a massive group of unruly 20-ish people. The hotel staff coudln't control them and wouldn't toss them out or call the police. (Even with my dad's expansive vocabulary , I learned two new words through the walls that night.) In some states, you can toss hotel patrons out without refunds if they repeatedly will not comply. I don't know about the laws in NJ. I don't know with what association this group of young people was affiliated, but it obviously wasn't BYU's Young Ambassadors or Up With People. (How long has "Up With People" been defunct, anyway?) I ended up sleeping through most of the hubbub, but my parents did not. After the fact, we received the Hampton Inn's hospitality free of charge.

    I hope you're soon in a comfortable home with utilities and furniture.

  4. It was Hampton Inn, not La Quinta, where we had the delightful vocabulary-building experience in Jersey.

  5. The first La Quinta was nice. The second one sucks. But we visited the house today, got water turned on and the dogs registered. We met our next door neighbor, too... And she has shelties. Should be interesting. The neighbor is ex Air Force.


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