Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Peachtree City, GA...

Got here about an hour ago.  Have a raging headache and some insect stung me and now I have a big welt.  But at least we're done driving for the day.

It's nice to be in Peachtree City again.  We used to live in the next town, so we know the area well.  In fact, last time we moved, we stayed at this hotel, the Wyndham.  It's a big resort, but pet friendly.  Last time, we kenneled the dogs.

Bill is out hunting for dinner, local beer, and breakfast for tomorrow.

Had a scare with my car this morning.  We got gas and it stalled.  I rolled back into a parking lot while Bill left without me.  Luckily, I got it to start.  I don't know what's wrong with it.  It definitely needs servicing.

I am in for the night and ready to crash.  So are the dogs.  They are both sleeping.

Next stop: Gulfport, MS


  1. From what I remember of my travels in the deep South, I'd make my permanent residence in Peachtree rather than venture on for even one night on Gulfport, Mississippi. I hated the entire state of Mississippi (although the grounds of a Jefferson Davis mansion right on the gulf [I understand there was more than one J. D. mansion] were so pretty -- it looked just liked "Song of the South' -- even if it the heat and humidity were almost suffocatingly sweltering) when we visited there when I was little. My disenchantment may in part have been association with a bad earache I didn't want to tell anyone about because I was afraid of getting a shot. I do remember, though, thinking Gulfport had a bad odor. I thought that about Mobile, Alabama as well.

    I'm glad the trip has been incident-free so far other than the headache. I hope it's nothing a little good food, beer, and sleep won't cure.

    Say hi to the Lt. Col. and the dogs for me.

  2. I will give them your regards. I've never been to that part of the South, though I have been through Mississippi before. I agree.., it kinda sucks.


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