Sunday, July 28, 2013

In Gulfport, MS...

Next stop: Beaumont, Texas

Just got here.  We're in a cheesy, but pet friendly, Best Western.  I think this is the first Best Western I've been in since we got married.  We had pre-marriage counseling in Clarkton, NC and the only motel in town was a Best Western.  I signed up for their frequent stay program not knowing it would be eleven years unil my next stay.

This morning, the dogs went nuts as I took them out to pee.  They ran into another dog.  Some woman gave me a dirty look because the dogs woke her at 8:00am.  Sorry lady.  That's why we're on the pet floor and paid $100 extra.  Besides, it's not like I made them bark.

Then, as we left Peachtree City, some guy blasted his horn at me because I needed to merge and he couldn't wait two seconds to let me in so I could get on I-85 too.  I responded to his honk with a mighty "Oh, fuck off!"  A couple of hours later in Alabama, a biker flipped me off or no good reason.  Seriously, I was in the right lane and there was no traffic.  I wasn't holding him up or about to run him off the road.  He got ahead of me and raised his left arm with a one finger salute.  I had fantasies of him hitting a big pothole and flying over his handlebars.  Extra points if he hit himself in the balls hard enough to sterilize himself on the way.  Asshole.

We stopped for lunch at a KFC/Taco Bell in Evergreen, Alabama.  I had to pee; but there were only two toilets, one of which was overflowing.  A line of women were in there and the person occupying the toilet took forever.  We ate chicken in the nasty parking lot while dodging the dogs and biting flies.  Bill's car (used to be my car) is filthy.

Got back on the road and got honked at again by a disgruntled trucker.  I think he might have been honking at someone else-- perhaps one of the many idiots doing 50mph in 70mph zone.

Stopped for gas right before the MS line at an obnoxious gas station/Wendy's, then got back on the road only to be held up by an accident.  Got to our cheesy motel and Bill promptly stepped on both a fire ant mound and a sticker burr.  So now he's cussing.  I got stung yesterday... Guess it was his turn today.

Don't plan to do anything in Gulfport.  Just gonna rest up for tomorrow.


  1. Do you detect an odor, or was it blown away by one of the forty or so hurricanes that have hit the area since I was last there?

  2. No, I don't. But I haven't spent much time in the open air.

    Today's post is decidedly pissy. Good news is, no car issues today.


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