Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If it's not one thing, it's another...

Seems that now I have a loose filling.  I was flossing last night and as I tried to pull the floss between my teeth, I noticed it got stuck.  Touching the tooth with my tongue, I noticed the filling had come out a little.  It doesn't hurt and seems secure, so I think we'll make San Antonio with no problem.  But now I have to find a dentist ASAP.  I'm afraid the tooth in question is one of two baby teeth I never lost (and hope not to lose, since there are no permanent teeth under them).  I will eventually need to get a bridge or an implant.  I prefer an implant, though I dread the process.  Hope this tooth hangs in there.


  1. My mom has four implants because of baby teeth that were nevr replaced by permanent ones. she said that with enough decent pain meds, the process was tolerable. I have the same four missing permanent teeth, so I may go through the same process, although my dentist has done a few things to reinforce mine, so who knows? Maybe they'll last a lifetime. We have right now an old-fashioned dentist (recommended by one of my dad's colleagues), whom I've been seeing since I was in the residential treatment facility three years ago, and who who keeps current on tehcniques but also uses old tricks he learned from his father -- also a dentist and retired about ten years ago. My dentist doesn't crown teeth just to get rich when a filling can be saved, which is nice. It doesn't apply to me, as I have no fillings or cavities, but my mom has enough for the entire family.

    I hope your tooth continues to not be painful, and I wish you luck on the rest of your trip and in finding a really good dentist ASAP once you make it to San Antonio.

  2. Wow. Something else we have in common. Baby teeth!


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