Friday, July 12, 2013

I got an apology...

Back in February, I posted on this blog about a woman I "met" on the Recovery from Mormonism board and Facebook who got all over me for posting an irreverent meme on my Facebook page.  She was apparently feeling upset about being single on Valentine's Day and felt the meme was insulting to single people.  A pissing match commenced and led to several days of ridiculous drama.

The woman sort of crawled under a rock for awhile, completely dropping off RfM and Facebook.  She popped up again a couple of months ago, but didn't engage me or any of the other people who were caught up in her February meltdown.  Actually, I take that back.  A couple of months ago, she did have a minor tiff with one of my RfM friends who called her out on some inconsistent behaviors/attitudes she was demonstrating.  She got snippy with my friend, then faded away again.

Last night, our dear drama queen resurfaced on RfM and posted a public apology to me and all the other people she got into a fight with months ago.  I was a little taken aback by the apology.  The incident that involved me was rather dramatic, but it was over five months ago and I had pretty much forgotten about it.  Moreover, while I was upset about it at the time, I came to realize it was just petty foolishness.  I had kind of just resolved not to engage that person anymore.

While I guess I appreciated the apology, I also got the sense that this was really more about someone wanting attention and wishing to stir things up.  I have observed this particular poster for awhile and I think she gets bored and pokes at people to get some sort of supply.  Posting an apology and extending an olive branch is one way to get attention, because when you apologize, polite convention dictates that the other party will excuse you.  There is pressure on the wounded party to say "All is forgiven." and make nice with the offender.

In my case, I can honestly say all was forgiven.  I had completely forgotten about the incident.  It wasn't even on my radar.  I can't say I'd want to hang out with the drama queen, but neither did I spend sleepless nights plotting her demise.  Somehow, I think the incident wasn't seriously on her radar, either; or else she would have apologized months ago.  Or maybe it was on her conscience, but it seemed to be more like the annoyance of "bad vibes" than actual remorse that prompted the apology.  I think she just wants to feel free to post on RfM and Facebook without feeling like there are a bunch of posters there who are pissed at her.  I suspect that once she gets the validation and "forgiveness" that she seeks, the attention whoring and shit stirring will begin apace.  Indeed, at least one poster has already stroked her by telling her how much she missed her and how she was one of her "favorite people".  I have a feeling that is what she's really looking for, not a pardon from me or the others who were caught in her manufactured Internet drama a few months ago.  

When I saw that apology, my first instinct was to ignore it because I got the sense that it was a plea for attention.  But then I decided I would acknowledge it.  Apologies are good things when they are sincere.  I don't know that her apology was sincere, but it doesn't hurt me to acknowledge and encourage good behavior and civility.  I'm still going to steer clear of her, though.  Though my initial impressions of her were good enough, her behavior seems a little too erratic and cluster B for my taste.  I don't like getting hung up in drama, especially with strangers on the Internet.

Moving on...
I decided to purchase a used copy of Pat Boone's classic book, Twixt Twelve and Twenty.  I have a feeling it will give me a good laugh and an excellent and entertaining book review to write.  I'm about halfway through Lindy Boone Michaelis's book right now... It's pretty good.  I don't know why I'm obsessed with the Boone family, but I am.


  1. Cluster B was wht came to mind when reading what the lady wrote and remembering her earlier rantings, but I'm not an MSW, and my mom gets abut as irritated at my for assigning mental health diagnoses as my dad does when i make medical diagnoses. (With medical diagnoses, I'm over 95% accurate, but I recognize that when I start medical school, the powers that be won't give a rip how much I think I know, and I'll keep my poinions to myself until asked.)

    I haven't ordered Lindy's book yet. I really need to. I don't know how the dynamics worked out, but when the girls were growing up, she and Debby were the closest of the sisters, while Cherry and Lauray were more on the outside. She's suppposedly not as smart as Cherry, but leaps and bounds ahead of Debby. then again, he also thught back in the day that debby was the least musical because she didn't learn to play the piano as easily as the older two had, as though the ease with which one masters the piano is the sole arbiter of musical ability. For some reason he left Laury out of all these comparions he made, but she graduated from Pepperdine, which even back in the day wasn't all that easy. cherry however, graduated, I think, from uUCLA, which I'd say trumps Pepperdine. I don't believe Debby or lindy graduated from nything other than their Christian high school and The Pat Boone School of Parenting, which is arguably comparable to and certainly less enjoyable than Green Beret or Navy Seals training.

    This is thoroughly incidental and off the top of my head, but I remember from Pat's book A New Song how he wrote about on a few occasions getting permission from girls' parents to pick them up during the school's lunch break and take them to his home and baptize them in his swimming pool during thier lunch breaks. The whole thing reeks of imbecility and insanity anyway, but if one were going to do such a thing, wouldn't it make sense to do it AFTER school so the girls didn't miss out on eating lunch and go back to school with wet hair?

  2. In general, diagnosing people isn't wise... On the other hand, if you know what to look for, it's not that hard to do. Just add a disclaimer.

    Lindy's book is pretty good. A couple of Amazon reviewers are pissed because she's honest about her divorce and all. But she comes off as very down to earth and nice to me. And not really weird about religion.

    As for the swimming pool baptisms, Lindy writes about those... apparently, Pat Boone baptized over 300 people in his pool.


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