Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hanging with MIL...

My husband and I are at his mom's house now.  We spent the morning walking around the Riverwalk and touring the Tower of the Americas.  We did the Tower back in 2007, when we visited last time.  This time, I got photos and we saw the 4D show that we missed last time.

MIL and my husband went to the store to pick up steaks and left me here with the cats, a Diet Pepsi, and the computer.  My MIL has three cats now.  She loves animals, especially cats.  But she's also a dedicated grandma to our dogs.  She hasn't met Arran yet, but she and MacGregor were buddies and Zane loves her to death.  He loves everyone to death, though.

This has been a fun week, despite all the teens.  Actually, in some ways, the teens make this more fun because they aren't averse to wearing silly signs in public.  I spied one kid with a paper hat on his head that read "Downloading puberty.  Mustache 10% completed."  I saw another kid with a button that read "Free hugs".

This morning, at breakfast, a female mallard duck very brazenly came up and begged for food.  She literally sat down next to us.  I could have reached down and petted her.  I got a few photos, which I will have to add when I get back to my computer.

I imagine we will spend the rest of the day drinking, talking, and listening to MIL's smooth jazz.  I'm lucky.  My mother-in-law is pretty damn awesome.  We get along really well.

 I can't believe we'll be Texas residents in a few weeks.  It's really surreal.


  1. I like your mother-in-law and I don't even know her.

    I like Jared's mother. she's one of the best things about him. Alas, it's stupid to marry a person just because you like his mother if you'r concerned that he might not be marriage material. The nice thing is that I have plenty of tie to sort this out, s I'd prefer not to marry until I'm at least 26. My dad thinks I should wait until I'm 32 or 33. He said then I could rush and push out a baby or two before I hit the major risk age for Down Syndrome. I told him I might just have dogs, but I was lying. My preference at this point would be to have children, but a lot could happen between now and then. I may be into raising ferrets or some other weird Paris Hilton fetish by then.

  2. I found out my mother in law even reads this blog. How's that for cool?

    As for the future, you never know what will happen. I always guessed I'd marry, have kids, and a job. You see how I turned out. I have a good life, but it's not what I planned. I'm lucky, though. Got lots of good people in my life.


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