Monday, July 1, 2013

Going to San Antonio today... girls who get busted for buying water...

Although San Antonio is a fun city, I'm kind of dreading this trip because it means that the moving process is about to start in earnest.  I look forward to being done with this process... but I don't look forward to going through it.  And this, even though my awesome mother-in-law lives in San Antonio and actually called us from the liquor store the other day to ask us what kind of booze she should stock up on.

I think a major reason I dread this process is because we've been through it so many times in the past several years.  And I fear we may have to move again next year, once my husband retires.  Moving is exhausting and exasperating.  This will be the last time the Army makes us move, but I still feel like I can't really relax and put down roots.  When you move five times in seven years, it's hard to get comfortable.

It's not so much that I'm going to miss North Carolina, either.  I could take or leave the town we live in. The people around here are really nice, but there's not much around here that is exciting.  It's pretty country and not too far from my family, but that's not really a reason to stay here.  San Antonio is a fun, vibrant city that is hotter than hell in the summer.  But there's a lot to do there and I have family there, too.

I'm tired of thinking about the move and all the shit that has to be done... and the prospect of searching for a new landlord makes me nervous.  It'll be good to get this done.  But in the mean time, "Arghhhh!!!!"

If we don't sign a lease in the next week, I hope at least we have a good holiday.

In other news, I read about a 20 year old woman who attends the University of Virginia getting busted by Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agents who thought she had illegally purchased beer.  This is not a new phenomenon, though what happened to this poor woman is kind of shocking.  Basically, seven agents-- six men and one woman-- approached this woman and her friends.  They were not wearing uniforms and may have had their guns drawn.  The women, quite understandably, got scared.

The young woman was in her car and couldn't roll down the window without starting the car and they were yelling at her not to start the car or move.  She didn't know who they were or what they wanted, so she took off, grazing a couple of the agents in the process.  The woman's friends called 911 and they were pulled over by a cop car with flashing lights and sirens.

When the poor woman found out that these people with guns and no uniforms were cops, she apologized.  But they filed charges anyway and she spent the night in jail.  It's taken over two months for the charges to be dropped... two months that this poor young woman was probably scared shitless and worried about her future.  Imagine, you're a bright, law abiding, UVA student who has never been in trouble before and suddenly you face up to fifteen years in prison just because seven ABC agents mistook your sparkling water for beer!

I am not generally a fan of suing people over dumb things, but I would not blame this woman for suing the shit out of the ABC for this.  Why did they need seven agents to stop this young woman?  Why wasn't at least one of them wearing a uniform of some sort?  Didn't they have anything else to do that night?    
Honestly, how is a young woman supposed to act when six guys corner her at a grocery store?  What if they weren't cops?  Once the truth about the situation came out, how dare they charge her for a crime?  She was just buying some water.  They're the ones who were in the wrong.  They should be apologizing to her.

Anyway...  I probably won't be posting much this week, so if I'm not around, hope everyone has a good week and a delightful fourth of July.  I plan to drink mucho margaritas.


  1. Have these men ever heard of the word "rape"? No one -- a female especially -- should have to stop for anyone who doesn't produce an authentic- looking badge, and even then, it's not all that difficult to obtain one under false pretenses, or so I've been told. I'd sue the bastards as well. Wasn't there some legitimate crime they could've been fighting?

    I don't envy you for going through the moving process again. My mom said they moved eight times in the thirteen years that her dad was in the military after she was born (he was in twelve years before she was born counting his AF Academy years). The family lived in Ireland with my mom's aunt for three years while my grandfather was rotating through miscellaneous assignments in Europe and Asia. This later allowed my mom to fill in for one of the "Celtic Woman" singers, who is my mom's cousin, for a couple of minor gigs right after the lady had a baby, since my mom is 100% Irish by blood and lived there for three years. "Celtic Woman" tries to be authentic.

    Regarding the move, what worked for me was getting appendicitis, but you're much too kind to dump all the work on your husband.

  2. Obviously, the ABC agents were trying to save face after some pretty shoddy police work. I remember when I was in college, there was a huge pot bust at UVA and a whole bunch of people in the Greek system got arrested. My college was maybe an hour fom UVA, so administrators at my school cracked down on drinking and drug use. I don't remember anyone getting arrested, but I do remember the warnings.

    Still, drinking at college is a rite of passage at many schools. Having so many agents staking out a grocery store seems ridiculous. I hope they will change their policy after this embarrassment.

  3. Drinking is certainly a rite of pasage at my school. I will say if the ATF wanted to start somewhere at my school, the Greek system would be a great place to start, The little off-campus college community is pretty scummy, but nothing compares by way of debauchery to what goes oon at the frats and sororities - particularly the frat houses. the sororitiy girls are more drunken snobs who don't really harm anyone except by their snobbishness. Some real harm occurs at frat parties, from drunken guys falling off four story balconies to girls being drugged and raped.


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