Monday, July 8, 2013

Going home today... And happy about it...

We're flying out of here this morning and should be back in NC by the afternoon.  We still don't know about the house.  Bill thinks we'll hear today sometime.

Yesterday, after brunch, we went to The Esquire, a famous bar off the Riverwalk.  We sat for over ten minutes.  Nobody acknowledged or waited on us, so we went to the Menger Bar and had a few celebratory beverages.  Bill is feeling them today.

We ate at Fuddrucker's for dinner... It was sort of an uninspiring end to our trip.

I'm glad to be going.  We had a good trip, but I'm ready to be back in my own space with my dogs.  We'll be back in three weeks or so, but then Texas will be home.

I will write about this trip on my travel blog.

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