Thursday, July 18, 2013

Female rapists...

I just read an old article on about a man who claims he was raped by his girlfriend and forced to father a child.  The article is actually pretty even-handed, which is nice to see.  It's the comments that are interesting, though.

One guy says that he was raped by a woman back in 1983.  She was supposedly very fit because she was in military training.  He was an out-of-shape geek.  Apparently, the woman didn't get pregnant, which is a lucky thing for the guy.  He said no and she went ahead anyway.  The commenter said that it wasn't the same as being dragged into the bushes by a stranger and brutally attacked, but he was assaulted nonetheless.  And people back then laughed about it.

A few years ago, I read and reviewed a book about Joyce McKinney, who was also the subject of a documentary called Tabloid.  Joyce McKinney is notable because in 1977, she hired an accomplice to accompany her to England, where she stalked, kidnapped, and raped a Mormon missionary named Kirk Anderson.  She is also notable for having her pet pit bull, Booger, cloned.  I remember when I read Anthony Delano's book, feeling disgusted by the very cheeky, gossipy way the book was written.  It was as if the crimes committed against Kirk Anderson were nothing but a big joke.  Had the roles been reversed and Joyce McKinney was the one who was stalked, kidnapped, and raped, people would have been outraged.

Another commenter on the Salon article is sure that the guy who claims he was forced into fatherhood is only claiming rape because he doesn't want to pay child support.  And that could well be true.  He apparently didn't report the crime when it happened, after all.  Of course, if he had reported the rape, would people believe he was a victim?  Would he end up being laughed at or worse?

A lot of people seem to think that men have sex on the brain 24/7 and want it from anyone and at any time they can get it.  In my experience, that is not true.  Moreover, while many women are smaller and weaker than men are, that's not always the case.  Men and women come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments.  While a lot of men have a strong sex drive, not every man does.  Besides, rape is usually about humiliation and power, not necessarily sex.  But maybe when a woman perpetrates it, it is about sex... or more specifically, the creation of a baby.        

Can men be raped?  Of course they can.  They can be raped by other men and by women.  It's probably not nearly as common for men to experience sexual assault or rape as it is for women.  And I say "probably" because I don't think there's any way we could ever know what the true statistics are among men who have been raped.  I don't think most men who experience rape would ever report it and because of that, we can't know how common or uncommon it is.  I think men who experience rape should be entitled to the same empathy and sensitivity that women get.

I probably shouldn't read comments on stories like the one I linked to.  The sheer stupidity and insensitivity of some people usually ends up pissing me off.      

Time to get back to the process of moving.


  1. I culdn't tell that the giy was supposed to be younger, and thu what the uproar was about. thatnks for clarifying.

    on a "Law & Order SVU" (and anything I know about sex crimes that didn't happen to me personally I learned from one of the law and org=der shows), ladies were seduing then drugging eminent men in their fields, using some sort of a rectal probe device to stimulate and produce ejaculation, and were saving the sperm for commercial use. I remember this specifically because bobby Flay played a make chef named leo who was one of the victims. we all know that anything that ever hppened on and L&) genre has to be true to life.

    I'm roughly halwfway through Lindy's book. My dad let me read it when I woke up last night because he said reading is better for ultimately going back to sleep than is any sort of electronic stimulation. After I've had a nap, I'm going to blog about avery incidental topic in her beeok and other boone books.

  2. I look forward to a Boone post by Alexis.


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