Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy today so far...

It's been a busy morning here in knotty land.  First off, Robert Randolph & The Family Band released a brand new album called Lickety Split.  Since I write for Pop Rock Nation, I decided to buy the new album and review it as I listened to it for the very first time.  Call it a "first impressions" posting.  I gotta say, the new album is pretty awesome.  Follow the link to read my review.

Next, I finished reading Lindy Boone Michaelis's book, Heaven Hears, last night.  I reviewed it on Epinions, so you can check out the review if you're interested in a detailed discussion of how I liked the book.  I will say for now that I mostly liked the book.  In fact, I think I like Lindy.  She comes across as very down to earth and not a goody two shoes.  Yes, the book is religious and I'm not very religious, but I am obsessed with Pat Boone and his tribe.  I'm hoping Twixt Twelve and Twenty gets here soon so I can entertain myself as I prepare for the move.  

Next, my husband informed me that after almost two weeks, the owners of that house we applied for decided to go with the people who applied right after we did.  I'm a little annoyed that it took two weeks for that decision, but we did apply for another house yesterday and so far, we are the only applicants.  I also think we'll like the property managers better, since they've been very helpful since day one; whereas the property managers of the other house were not responsive at all (red flag).  Bill had to call them repeatedly for updates and every time he did, the person he would need to talk to was in a meeting.  That makes me think they might not be great about taking care of issues.

Apparently, the house we applied for is one of only two being managed by Housing 1 Source.  Maybe it's a little bit of a conflict of interest that Housing 1 Source helps servicemembers find housing and offers property management, but they seemed interested in making us happy from day one.  I have no reason to think their property management services won't be just as good.  What's more, the house we applied for yesterday has a pool, gas cooking, is very close to Randolph Air Force Base, and has slightly cheaper rent and lower pet fees.  The yard is a lot smaller, but that means I won't have to mow as much and it will force me to walk my dogs.  So hopefully, that one will work out.  If not, I'll continue pulling my hair out.  I can afford it, since I have a lot.

Tomorrow, someone from the moving company is coming over to inspect, which will give them an idea of how much time they'll need to pack us up.  I've started the beginning stages of taking things off the wall and washing things.  I painted our rocking chairs yesterday so they'll be ready for the move.  I ran out of stain at the very end of the job.  We're planning to gather up some stuff to donate to goodwill or take to the Army thrift shop... or to the dump.  I don't care.  We need to purge some stuff.

I caught Arran mid dump this morning as he was fouling the rug in the living room.  He knew he was doing wrong, too.  He stopped mid poop and ran to the door.  He was too distracted to finish during the first walk, but managed to complete the job during the second walk.

I think I'll spend the afternoon playing some more with Creative Cloud and see if I can make some more cool stuff... Maybe I'll record some songs with Audition and see if I like it better than Garage Band and Audacity.  Maybe I'll play with Photoshop, too...  or maybe I'll make myself useful and do some more cleaning and house hunting...  SIGH.



  1. Cleaning and house-hunting can wait. Play with your toys. maybe this next house will work out anyway. You may need that pool in the san Antonio heat. even in Sacramento, which is nowhere near as hot as San Antonio (80 miles or so north in Redding is comparable, though drier)sometimes our pool was too warm from late July through mid-August. Because the water table was fairly high near Sacramento even when the rest of the state was in drought, we felt Ok about half-draining the pool and refilling with cold water a couple of times each summer. Our pool here on the coast needs to be heated to be usable all but about six weeks of the year.

    I'm still waiting for Lindy's book. I did get one thismorning written by Cherry and her husband Dan about dealing with people with addictions. I've just thumbed through it. I don't think it's terribly exciting, but it might be interesting. I don't know if I have anyone in my life with addictions know 9my dad likes hi booze, but he seems at this point pretty easily able to walk away from it and to moderate his usage, so I probably can't rightfully call him an addict, but once he gets old and no longer works, maybe he'll turn into a full-scale alkie, and I will have prepared myself on how best to handle him by reading Cherry Boone O'Neill's book.

  2. As the daughter of an alcoholic, I can tell you that there's a big difference in "liking booze" and being an alcoholic. My dad is basically a nice person, but booze (or more likely lack of booze) turns him into a certified asshole. His father was also an alcoholic, but was also apparently violent. I'm lucky in that my dad wasn't often violent, but he was often enough to damage our relationship. If your dad isn't an addict at this point, he probably won't become one... or at least I hope he doesn't for your sake. I should probably give up booze myself, given how alcoholism runs in families. But I won't... because I enjoy it too much. ;-)

    I've actually spent the afternoon recording songs. I tried "The Wedding Song" today. It turned out really pretty. I never realized how nice that song is. I guess I figured it was a cheesy wedding song like "Annie's Song" (which is also really pretty to me, now that I'm older).

    I'm not that heartbroken over not getting that house. It's a pain in the butt looking for a home, but I think we may actually have dodged a bullet not having to deal with those property managers.

  3. The next house you described -- the one with a pool -- might be better for you anyway if you get it. Otherwise, I'm sure there are lots of nice homes that are available in San Antonio.

    You don't write like an alcoholic. I'm not sure exactly how an alcoholic writes, although I've read that a lot of the masters of great literature were heavy drinkers, but they produced novels, writing probably in spurts, then going on heavy drinking binges. You write fluidly, intelligently, and coherently on too regular a basis to be a problem drinker, in my admittedly uneducated opinion.

    One thing about my dad's drinking is that he becomes a nicer person, not that he's a total asshole when sober, after he's had a couple of drinks. My shrink, who's a close friend of my dad, said that he can tell my dad is not a problem drinker because he doesn't touch the stuff if he's even slightly sick and because if the liquor served somewhere isn't a type or brand my dad doesn't like, he sticks to water or diet soda. I don't know if his evidence would hold up in court, but the fact that he's not Kitty Dukakis (whom I've only read about; I wasn't alive yet during her husband's presidential campaign) or Joan Kennedy, drinking vanilla extract or mouthwash when the good stuff was or is out of their reach, probably works in his favor. Unless retirement brings out alcoholism in people, he's probably OK. He doesn't have a lot of alcoholism in his family, but his dad's family consists of many extremists, who can, I've heard, tend toward extremism in anything, including addiction. My dad seems to have received most of his traits from his mom's side of the family, though, and they're much saner in general.

    I love "The Wedding Song." Noel Paul Stookey says he really doesn't know from where it came; it sort of wrote itself. He gives all proceeds from it to charity. My dad sang it at my
    Aunt Jillian's and Uncle Scott's wedding, and I remember even at the time, when I didn't like him very much, thinking it was beautiful. His guitar skills are amazing, which they should be, as he was professional for a time.

    Even though some people thought he was nerdy, I like much of John Denver's music, including "Annie's Song." I especially like the violin work in that song. I'm sorry John Denver had such an untimely death, although he at least died doing something he loved to do.

  4. John Denver had such an amazing voice. Germans loved him. A few weeks after we arrived in Germany in 2007, we went to a fest and the Germans enthusiastically joined in on "Take Me Home Country Roads". I'm sorry you weren't around for the 70s, Alexis. It was a great time for music. Of course, I was only 8 in 1980, so what do I know?

    I didn't know my dad was an alcoholic until I was 17. But that's because his drinking was normal to me. I had watched him do it since birth. I didn't know until I was older how messed up it was. He got worse as I got older, too, and I got to deal with the brunt of his issues. My dad was always very functional and never missed a day's work. He was also a good writer (and he is still alive, but demented now). No one knew he was bad off... until about 16 years ago, when he came out of the closet as it were and went to rehab, which didn't work. But he really enjoyed the attention he got, anyway.

    Bill listened to my version of "The Wedding Song", which I posted on my music blog. It made him cry. How did I get so lucky! Once again, I thank his ex wife who didn't know she had such a good guy.

    I agree that the other house will probably be better. The other house backed up to a shopping center and was in a gated community, which didn't really thrill me. The other house is in a subdivision and has a smaller yard, but isn't right by a shopping center. And the pool excites me... Hope this works out. I have a feeling it will.


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