Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bathroom attendants...

We spent all day yesterday looking for a house.  I think we might have been successful in at least finding an area we like.  Afterwards, we drank beer.

We went to one place because my husband was hungry and wanted something light.  There was a lady in the women's room with a handmade sign and a shitload of lotions, perfumes, condoms, mouthwash, and shit.  And, of course, I felt obliged to tip her for turning on the water and giving me soap while I was taking a piss.  These are things I could do for myself.

It really annoyed me.  I guess after thinking about it, though, I'm sure having an attendant in a bar isn't a bad thing.  I mean, people make a mess when they're doing their business.  And it beats begging for cash, right?

Then there were two bitchy women hosting karaoke...  I didn't join in, because they seemed more interested in showing off than hosting.  Besides, we were tired from all the house hunting.

Guess we'll look some more for houses today.


  1. i've nver been anywhere with a bathroom attendant except a few upscale department stores in the uK. I suppose it beats panhandling.

  2. In Europe, many public restrooms have an attendant. It's not so common in bars, though.

    1. It's not common in US bars, especially.


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