Friday, July 26, 2013

After today, the trip begins...

Which means I won't be writing lengthy posts if at all.  I'm really ready to get on the road.  The exasperation of cleaning everything mostly by myself has been a real downer for me.

Last night, after the movers left, Bill showed up in his uniform bearing chocolate.  I was about to burst into tears because my back was killing me and I was still upset about the movers.  They had left some stuff.  Bill had to call and get them to come back to get the last of the stuff, which included a roll of their packing paper.  The lady in charge had also left some original paperwork that she needed, so she would have had to come back anyway.

The property manager said if the moving company didn't fix the issue with the floor in a timely manner, we would lose our security deposit.  While we don't want to lose $1200, it's more our reputation that we're worried about.  We are generally very good tenants and usually leave property in better condition than we find it in.  Even the moving lady that I had to give a somewhat bad evaluation to commented on how nice the house smells today.  So it upsets us that there are these issues... but honestly, the small hole in the ceiling was caused by a leak which was verified by the property manager's own handyman... and the dampness caused the tenting.  The handyman also pretty much said the same thing about the floor; that it wasn't installed correctly.  These are not things we could have controlled.

Something tells me, the moving company will fix the floor, though.  I had to fill out an evaluation and gave them a rating of "fair", because of the issues.  Some of the crew was very good, but some of the young guys are lummoxes who need to be taught to respect other peoples' property.  Typical teen-aged boys.  Long on energy and muscles... short on common sense and patience.  I was impressed that two of them managed to pick up the piano by themselves.  I even heard one of them say they liked our piano because it was "light".  I sure didn't think so when Bill and I had to move it a couple of years ago.  I probably blogged about it.

On another note, Bill got a really good evaluation from a two star General yesterday.  Bill is a member of the National Guard, but works as if he's a full time regular Army officer.  The promotion system is different for the Guard than it is for regular Army.  Anyway, Bill was selected to make Colonel, but there were never any slots available to promote him and there were other people who were either more politically in line to move up, or had war college or command.

Anyway, the General asked Bill why the Guard hadn't promoted him.  Bill explained and the General said it was too bad, since he thought Bill had the potential to be a good Colonel and perhaps even be a General himself.  The guy was sincere and as Bill was telling me about it, he was tearing up.  It meant a lot to him that his bosses at Bragg thought he did so well.  The General thanked Bill for finishing strong.  Hopefully that will lead to something good in the future.  Bill deserves it.

So closes another chapter in our lives... the North Carolina years.  Texas, here we come!  Get ready for Hurricane knotty!


  1. Since you're leaving tomorrow I'll sing a few lines from a song we both know:
    (I am actually singing as I type)
    while the blossoms still cling to the vines,
    I'll taste your strawberries;
    I'll drink your sweet wine.
    A million tomorrows shall all pass away
    Ere I forget all the joys that are mine . . . Today.

    I already told the story in my blog about how my moron cousin sang that song with her ukulele in Sacrament Meeting.

    Seriously, you're exhausted and in pain. You have a long journey ahead of you. You're in a hurry to get there, and more hard work awaits you once you reach your destination.

    Don't push it too hard. if it takes as extra night in a Hampton or Best Western to get there, so be it. Get there in one piece.

    That issue with the floor would really get under my skin. It's the mover's fault, yet you stand to lose your deposit. the very last thing you need is to be fighting from San Antonio with the mover in North Carolina, so it would be really nice if Bill could wrap the thing up. The deposit has to be close to half the cost of a cruise. Why would you give it up without a fight? Is there anything military services can do for you? They have to be accustomed to dealing with moving issues on a fairly regular basis, but I don't know how caring they are as an institution.

    I really wish you and Mr. Bill (who's not really 'Mr." Bill, but I don't know his rank) could travel in the same car, but you have two cars to transport, and that's the reality of it. Just remember that you MUST stop for a time if either of you grows drowsy so that whoever is sleepy can have a brief nap.

    1. Bill is a Lieutenant Colonel. And don't worry, he is MR. SAFETY. Remember, he gets like Pat Boone when I so much as loosen the seatbelt.

      The deposit is about a third of what we would spend for *one* of us to go on a SeaDream cruise... Sad to say it, but when I cruise, I like to go first class! But I don't mind living in cheap digs if it means I can travel in style sometimes.

      It's not such a bad thing that we're leaving tomorrow. I do need some rest and leaving today would probably just mean another night in a hotel in San Antonio. I was thinking if we left early, it would mean not having to go as far per day. Since we have a UHaul, that might be a good thing. You can't go as fast when you tow a UHaul. Plus, we have the dogs who will need pee and exercise breaks. So will I, for that matter.

      We'll very likely get to Texas before August 1st, so getting there early just means more nights in a hotel... whether we do it in San Antonio or on the way, I guess it doesn't matter much.

      Thanks for the very nice comment, Alexis. "Meeting you" has probably been the best part of writing this blog.


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