Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A writing heavy day...

I probably should be cleaning or cutting the lawn... or doing some other kind of lawn work.  It's a little too warm and humid for lawn work, though, and I have a lot of writing to do.  In fact, someone actually emailed my colleague on Pop Rock Nation and asked for photos of Randy Travis on Star Search.  I had no idea Randy Travis was on that 80s era talent show.  So now I have to look for that.  Randy Travis is reportedly very ill right now.

This morning, as I was driving to the doggy hotel to pick up the dogs, I noticed how really beautiful North Carolina is.  Yeah, it's pretty dead in this area, but it's so green and uncrowded.  I'm thinking San Antonio may be a culture shock because there are a whole lot of people living there.  I have a feeling I will miss North Carolina.

Anyway, a month from now we should be settling in again.  Maybe mother-in-law will come over and help me decorate wherever we end up living.

I don't have any current events to vent about right now.  I had heard about the plane crash in San Francisco, but only because I kept an eye on Facebook while we were gone.  I suppose I should have been more nervous about flying home yesterday.  As it was, our flights were pretty nice, even though the flight attendants on the second flight annoyed me.  I bet as we're making our way across the South in a few weeks, I'll be wishing for a flight.

Here is a photo of the very brazen duck who begged as we ate breakfast last week in San Antonio...



  1. North Carolina is indeed beautiful. My area is greener that most of the southern half of CA 9except for Yoseimte, Sequioiah, etc.) but doesn't compare to North Carlina in hterms of greenery. We just don't get the rain.

    Without all in the information in, that particular plane situation sounds both flukish and avoidable. It sounds as though there may have been both mechanical and pilot function. I remember when the plane had to land on the Husdons a few years ago. pilot Sullivan was just part of the flight crew, but at the first sign of troube he announced, as the most experinced memberm "I'm assuming th controls." It sounds as though that didn't happen in the Seaol-to-SF-flight. Although I know there was little time to do uch, there were more experienced pilots sitting in the cockpit. I was impressed with the ethics the entire crew showed in getting every passeger out before any of them exited themselves whtehr they were injured or not. Acidents notwithstanding, I suspect before you are midway through your drive, you would probably gladly hand over an auto for a plane ticket. Stil, how ese do you see the country 9that you've probably already seeen before)?

    I've woken from my first of probably several naps today and have eaten a clown cone. I told my dad that i will share, but that he must ask me before he eats one, because if we do not ration them, they will be gone before Thursday. Mymom dislikes sherbet, so I don't have to worry about her hogging more than her share. Matthew, on the other hand, would fight the dog for his food if there were nothing else edible in the place.

  2. I'm making even more than my usual quota of typos, but I laack the energey to delete and redo. Please forgive me and use your best decductive skills to decipher just what it is I'm trying to say.

  3. Not to worry, Alexis. I read you loud and clear.

    A friend of mine posted my rant about the bar that dissed Bill on Twitter and their Facebook page... which means my travel blog could get annoying soon.

    Actually, I have always wanted to drive cross country. I'd just prefer to do it in one car without two dogs in tow. It's not fun to travel with the canines because they can't go in most places. It's going to be hot, too.

    Speaking of rain... I just got caught in it as I was on my way to the mailbox. I will miss the daily half mile stroll to the box. ;-)


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