Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The commercial queen strikes again...

In the past, I have blogged about Melanie Paxson, aka Melanie Deanne Moore, who is a perennial on ads these days.  Lately, she can be seen in Fiber One ads.

And Red Robin has also hired her to pitch their burgers.  Today, there was an interesting news article about vegetarians being upset about an ad Red Robin did that mentioned their Gardenburger.  Apparently, vegetarians were upset about the snarky crack that Red Robin even offers a Gardenburger in case your teenage daughter is "going through a phase".

I guess I can understand why vegetarians might be put off by that line, which sort of reduces vegetarianism to a fad.  On the other hand, vegetarianism is the kind of thing teenagers try.  And when you consider Red Robin is a hamburger joint, it might stand to reason that that they aren't necessarily thinking about alienating people who don't eat meat.  It might be different if Red Robin if the chain had made a big show of courting non meat eaters, but I'm guessing most health conscious vegetarians probably wouldn't want to eat there anyway.

In the above ad, she's pitching a burger for Red Robin.

I always get a kick out of seeing Melanie Paxson in commercials.  She's in so many of them that I figure she must be making a really nice living as a character actress that normal women can relate to.  And I'm glad she's not being "mean to the cake" anymore and has embraced her love of casual chain restaurants...



  1. I'm still not quite sure why corporations or casters find her so appealing to pitch products, but that's neither here nor there.

    Regarding teenaged girls and vegetarians, my university is the sort of place that would attract vegetarians, but that notwithstanding, my nuclear family is one of the few of which I know with any girls in it in which at least one has not turned vegetarian in her teen years. Once in awhile it sticks, but it's usually a passing phase. Vegetarains can complain about the natur of the ads until they turn purple in the face, but the teen-aged girl fad of vegetarianism is a reality.

    1. I kind of agree with you, Alexis... although I do have quite a few friends who have been vegetarians for many years. But then, the Peace Corps also attracts vegetarians! Sometimes, that's the best way to preserve your health when you're in a third world country!

      My husband tried vegetarianism for a couple of years. It was his ex wife's idea. She's very much into fads. He said all it did was lower his cholesterol a lot. They got bored with it and went back to eating meat. As for me, I think I would have a hard time being a vegetarian, though I do kind of admire people who don't eat meat.

      Melanie Paxson is all over the place. You'd think there were other actresses out there who could use a shot at doing a commercial.


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