Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ship your pants...

For real???  I wonder how many times they messed this up when they were filming it...


  1. It cannot have been easy to enunciate that one clearly.

    I'm going to be politically incorrect for a moment. I have a cousin who went to high school in Farmington, New Mexico. Her high school was in the same conference, or at least played pre-season games against (I don't know which) Shiprock High School, also in New Mexico. I don't know if Shiprock fell within the Navajo Nation territory or just was the nearest high school to a part of the navajo Nation, but it had and probably still has a high concentration of Navajos in the student body. A speech peculiarity to that particular population is that they pronounced both /t/ and /p/ with a glottal stop, so that /Shiprock/ came out sounding like /Shitrock/ when they said it. My cousin said it was particularly funny during basketball games, when teams could actually hear each others' cheers (in football games they're too far apart to hear very clearly). The Shiprock cheerleaders would go through the spelling of the entire name, as in "Give me an "S," to which the crowd would respond "S! " When they said, "Give me a "P" it wasn't all that bad, because the population tended to pronounce the letter itself the way the rest of us do. But when it got to the point that the cheerleaders called out, "What's that spell?" it sounded for all the world as though they were saying "Shitrock." My cousin said the Shiprock people never figured out what the opposing sides always found so funny about the name of their school.

  2. That's funny! They didn't get the connection? Really?

    I was watching the first episode of America's Got Talent on the Internet last night and they kept playing that K-Mart ad. I'll say one thing for it. It definitely got my attention.


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