Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sensa... stimulates my sense of annoyance... and more nonsense...

Have you heard of Sensa?  I think I had before this morning... I mean, I'm sure I've seen the ads for it.  Today was the first time I ever really paid attention to the commercial because it seemed like it was going on forever.  Lots of happy women were on there, wearing bikinis, short skirts, cute blouses, and big smiles as they talked about how this revolutionary new diet program is supposed to help people effortlessly shed pounds.

Basically, you sprinkle the stuff on your food as if it were salt or sugar and then it somehow works with your sense of smell to fool you into eating fewer calories.  Obviously I've never tried Sensa, though the little bit of reading I've done about it this morning makes me think that it's probably not worth the money.  For one thing, the study that prompted the development of this product involved using inhalers, not scented crystals.  The people in the study had a great sense of smell, too.  Sensa is now being sold in a form that doesn't bear any resemblance to the form it was in when people supposedly had success with it in the "study".  Moreover, it appears that buying the stuff is tricky.  The "free trial" causes you to enroll in a monthly billing program which, if you aren't careful, will cost you a lot of money every month.

But even though I have plenty of pounds I'd like to lose, I would never consider using Sensa anyway.  The advertising annoys the hell out of me and I don't like to buy products that use overly obnoxious advertising.  Add in the fact that the product probably doesn't work and is expensive and you have an epic fail.

Ed McKay's Used Books and More...

Switching subjects...  I just saw a local ad that has a very snazzy jingle sung by someone with some nice pipes.  I have heard and seen this ad dozens of times, but never actually watched it.

Now that I've found that ad on YouTube, I see there are other ones I haven't seen...  Ed McKay is apparently into offbeat ads.

His store is in Winston-Salem with another location in Raleigh.  Makes me think maybe it's time to take a road trip.  On the other hand, I have a ton of books waiting to be read.  There's a stack of real books on my nightstand and a bunch on my iPad.  It'll be a year before I'm through them all, and that's if I don't add more to my collection.

Chain reaction.... (Warning: this is a little gross)

This morning, I saw what looked like a wad of cotton batting from one of the dogs' toys.  I bent down to pick it up, but too late realized it was actually doggie spittle.  It was all warm and slimy.  I was thoroughly grossed out when I touched it and that led to my stomach turning.  The stomach turning led to dry heaving and retching.  And that led to my having to run to the bathroom so I didn't end up involuntary voiding all over my shorts...

It wasn't the most pleasant start to my morning, but I have to admit, I'm kind of fascinated by the chain reaction of events a little bit of doggy spit created.  On the bright side, things will probably look up from here.


  1. I wouldn't use Sensa for free even if it guaranteed that I would gain weight. My dad says the claims made in the ads are ridiculous.

  2. I think the claims for most diet products hawked on TV are ultimately ridiculous. I remember when Anna Nicole Smith was selling TrimSpa, right before her untimely demise. She wasn't much of a role model. I used to like her reality show, though. At least when it first aired...

    1. I thought the show was funny, too.

  3. We're of the belief that you can never have too many books. So yeah, take that road trip! :->

    Yup, we are all about the offbeat commercials. I wish I still had the storyboards for the one we didn't shoot -- the one with the zombies...

    Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment! Now I'm really going to have to visit Winston-Salem!

      And kudos for putting out commercials that are entertaining!


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