Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oh my dear lord... Jodie Laubenberg is an idiot...

Though I doubt I will ever need an abortion, I am pro-choice.  Today, I read about Texas's attempt to pass a new law making it very difficult for women to get abortions.  Later, I ran across an editorial about  this controversy and it included a quote from Rep. Jodie Laubenberg who says...

"In the emergency room they have what's called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out," she said according to Time, likening a rape kit to an abortion. "The woman had five months to make that decision, at this point we are looking at a baby that is very far along in its development." 

Obviously, this woman doesn't know what happens when someone seeks care in a hospital after having been raped.  A rape kit has nothing to do with "cleaning out" a woman.  It is used to collect physical evidence after a person has been raped.  

I'd like to know why someone who doesn't know the first thing about rape kits is talking about what they're used for as she tries to deny women access to abortion services.  She thinks that doctors who do abortions should have admitting privileges at a local hospital, abortions should be done in surgical centers, and they shouldn't be allowed after 20 weeks gestation.    

I personally find the idea of abortion repugnant and I would hope most people who choose to have one would do it as early as possible.  Moreover, I can agree that 20 weeks along is probably reasonable in banning abortions.  But I do think that lawmakers really need to know what the hell they're talking about before they spout off about abortions and why they should be denied to women.  I mean, that comment was so moronic and absurd I can't even believe it.  

What's more, Texas is a very big state.  Shutting down all but five of the clinics that offer abortions (because they don't meet the new requirements proposed) is going to make it very difficult for women to get abortions if they want or need them.  I fear that we'll be seeing more back alley abortions from women who can't afford to get help from competent professionals.

I really hope Jodie Laubenberg educates herself before she says something even more ridiculous about abortions and rape. Between her and that dipshit Todd Akin, I'm really thinking politics is a job for people who don't know anything.


  1. Doesn't this make you proud that you will soon be able to call the state of Texas "home"?

  2. Ugh... well, it is shameful that this politician is so uneducated and the people of Texas presumably elected her to that position. This legislation is unlikely to affect me personally, but it will affect countless women in Texas. At least this legislator is a woman, though...


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