Friday, June 7, 2013

I have 13 days left to be 40...

In 13 days, I'm having another birthday.  It's hard to believe how quickly a year passes.  A year ago, I turned 40 in the city of my birth.  My husband had to go to a conference and I tagged along because there was no way I was turning 40 alone.  My parents live in the city of my birth and were long overdue for a visit, so that was another reason I went.

This year, I don't know what's in store.  We will be in San Antonio, again on business, for my husband's birthday in July.  His mom lives in San Antonio, so I'm sure we'll visit with her a lot while we search for our next house.  

I guess turning 41 is no big deal, except that it seems like yesterday I was 21.  Once you turn 21, by the way, the years start to fly by.  Before you know it, you've got gray hair and have to start thinking about age related diseases and disabilities.

I suppose being in my 40s means that I should probably get over my dislike of visiting healthcare professionals.  It's time I started thinking about things like mammograms and colonoscopies...  Enchanting thoughts, right?  Well, if I die young, my husband will no doubt be sad and lonely, just as I would if he were to die young.  But at least there aren't any people really depending on me, except for a good daily laugh and my company.

Maybe when we get to San Antonio, I'll finally find a doctor along with a new vet, dentist, optometrist, and grocery store...  

Then again, maybe not.  ;-)


  1. You should do something exciting or fun for your b'day even if 41 isn't a major milestone.

    My parents are in their late 40's and healthy, so there is hope for life after 40. my dad has healthy genes. My mom had major health issues in her early 30's but is much healthier now than she was in her 30's. Her only realy issues are kidney stones and keeping her thyroid regulated because she had Graves before she had leukemia, and was gtreated with radioactive iodine for the Graves, which my dad now regrets and thinks contributed to her developing leukemia. but that was all in her 30's. She's good now.

    I personally would prefer never to see a docor unless I had a broken bone. Maybe I should become a Christian Scientist. My dad says they are not discouraged from seeking medical treatment for broken bones. I don't know about their views on dentistry, though. Idon't wish to be toothless in my old age or earlier.

    Do you ever shop for groceries on base?

  2. I have shopped for groceries in commissaries in the past. I don't where we are now because I never go down to Fort Bragg. My husband picks up groceries from there sometimes, though.

    I am VERY healthy, actually. I have never had any really serious health problems and neither have my parents; that is, until my dad got dementia. I have many reasons for not liking to visit doctors. At the same time, I have been educated in public health, so I know all about screenings and such. I probably should have been born at a time when preventive healthcare wasn't so popular. ;-)

    We'll probably go out to dinner or something on my birthday.


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