Monday, June 24, 2013

Having kids can really get you into trouble...

This morning on Dr. Phil, there's a rerun of an episode about Allison Quets, a woman who in 2004, at the age of 47, underwent in vitro fertilization.  She was pregnant with twins and became very sick with hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that causes repeated vomiting.  Quets apparently became so weak and debilitated that she was somehow talked into giving up her babies for adoption.  Because the adoption was initially open, Quets had visitation rights with the twins.  She fled with them to Canada in 2006.  Canadian officials located her and she was arrested and spent eight months in a North Carolina jail before she answered to international kidnapping charges.

As I learn about this incredible case, I can't help but think WTF?  I mean, here's a woman who was a professional.  She'd worked for Lockheed Martin for 21 years and was obviously a very productive member of society.  She paid a lot of money to get pregnant while in her 40s.  Then, when pregnancy causes her to become very ill, she ends up signing over her babies to be adopted?  Why would someone go through all of that just to sign over the kids?

I can't help but think Quets wasn't in her right mind when she signed those papers.  She clearly didn't want to give up her children.  Why would you spend thousands of dollars to get pregnant when you're in your 40s, only to sign your child or children, as the case may be, away?  Something isn't right.

Unfortunately, Quets lost her parental rights and her babies are now kids being raised by their adoptive parents.  She shouldn't have run afoul of the law... but under the circumstances, I guess I can see why she felt desperate enough to run to Canada.    

My heart goes out to her.  Certainly, when she decided to get pregnant, she never dreamt she'd end up in jail.  I'm sure this whole thing has damaged her life in so many significant ways.


  1. Hi I am a mother who went though what I considered hell trying to get pregnate but nothing close to what Allison Quets went through so u do that then go through the illness she went through while being pregnate then mix the post partum after OMG. Anybody who can say she wasn't mentaly sick in some way is sick themselves!!!!! She wasn't healthy , what would've happened if the state would've put as much effort into helping her instead of fighting a mother who cares like she did I mean goodness stop putting state funds into prosocuting her go get the real child abusing assholes and help Alison Quets get well with her babies!!!!!!!!!¡

  2. This is really weird. Why would it even have occurred to the people attending her to ask if she wanted to give the babies up?

    1. You would think, right? But they may have been desperate to be parents.

  3. I can't wrap my head around the adoptive parents. There's some reason behind them adopting in the first place so it had to be some struggle. Then to turn around n refuse to not understand this woman's own struggle is horrific. Shame really shame on you those children are going to grow up n obviously see all this crap n form their own opinion n I think that's when they will know they have a real mother that these people have caused them to miss out on. Its such a sad frustrating situation

  4. I believe APs were kin to mom's boyfriend.
    As an experienced adoptions social worker, I imagine that all parties thought they were doing the Right Thing for the babies. The true villain was Florida adoption law that did not provide for rescission of agreement to relinquish parental rights.


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