Tuesday, June 25, 2013


My dog Zane has been dealing with allergies for the past few weeks.  He's been chewing his paws and scratching himself incessantly.  When I noticed he was scratching himself raw in a few places, I decided to see if I could find something to soothe him.  I ran across a bulletin board posting about a French product originally made for horses called Derfen.

A couple of people wrote that they'd used this stuff on their dogs' itches and it had worked very well.  I spent my childhood around horses and even use some products originally intended for livestock on myself.  For instance, I use Bag Balm on my feet when they get really calloused.  I've also used Udderly Smooth on my dry skin.  So I wasn't averse to trying Derfen, even though it's meant for horses.

I bought a small tube of Derfen.  The cream itself wasn't that expensive, but the shipping was very pricey.  I ended up spending about $50.  It got to me yesterday, while Zane was at the vet getting his teeth cleaned.  When he got home, I opened the tube of Derfen and was almost knocked over by the smell of bacon.  In fact, the box it came in also smelled of bacon.

I also noticed the cream was a disgusting shade of brown.

I put some on Zane, sure he would want to lick it off.  But, as it turns out, it seems to be somewhat effective.  I put some on his paws because I didn't want to use that stuff on his white fur.  It did seem to discourage him from licking and chewing.  Unfortunately, now the house smells of bacon.

In other doggie news, our dog Arran stayed home alone by himself yesterday when I went to get Zane from the vet's.  Arran has a touch of separation anxiety.  He's not the worst dog I've ever dealt with, but he doesn't like being alone and he gets into mischief if he doesn't have company, canine or otherwise.  When I got home from the vet's office, I could see that Arran had knocked some stuff off the counters, including a bag of Iams dog food.  We had gotten the Iams for Zane, since he used to be able to eat it without itching.

Arran helped himself to a lot of that food, though he was kind enough not to tear up the bag.  At first, I didn't think he'd gotten that much.  But then I noticed his body taking on the appearance of a snake that had just swallowed a chicken whole.  He threw up a few times, pooped a bit, and peed a lot, plus begged for water.  But he seems fine today...

I guess I'll use the Derfen if it really works.  I hate to see Zane itching so much.  I just wish my house didn't smell like a Smithfield ham.    


  1. From where did you order Derfen, and do you know if either vet's offices or pet supply stores or any such places sell it? The Pope is miserable with his itching, and we've tried just about everything we and our vet can find.


  2. I ordered it from www.derfen.com, which is linked in my post. I don't think it's sold in America, but obviously you can get it from overseas. Shipping was super fast, but expensive. I ordered on Thursday night and had it Monday afternoon. Beware... it REALLY smells like bacon.

    I have only applied it a couple of times, so I can't be absolutely certain it's as effective as it seems to be. Give me a few days with it and I'll be able to give you a more accurate review of how well it works for Zane.

  3. Go on derfen website they offer a sample size it cost us £1.73 including shipping to uk. Its a 30ml sample size. Shipping took maybe 3 days. And totally agree it stinks of bacon. Now trying it will see if it helps

    1. Thanks for the comment. I saw that they offered a sample size but figured I'd just go ahead and get the whole tube since I was already shipping it to America. I've probably not been using it as much as I should. The smell is really a turn off. It does seem to discourage the licking and chewing, though.


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