Saturday, June 15, 2013

After 38 hours... lights are back ON!

We had a storm here on Thursday night.  I was here alone, since my husband was away all week on business.  I have survived my share of power outages, having lived in Armenia at a time when power outages were a daily experience.  One time, while I was living there, I went six weeks straight without power.  Anyway, the upshot is that I now have a low tolerance for power outages.

The lights came on for about three minutes yesterday, then suddenly went off again and stayed off for another 24 hours.  Whatever happened during the storm, which wasn't even a BIG storm, must have been major.  Because the lights only just came on a little while ago as my husband was boiling water on the grill outside for coffee.

Last night, my husband got home from his business trip sans his luggage, since his bag didn't make his flight due to a tight connection.  He brought me a backup battery for my phone so I could check in on the Internet and actually called the power company for me when the lights first went out.  He gets concerned when he can't get me on the phone or online and correctly surmised that I had no electricity.

This morning, as I eyed the half and half suspiciously, he tasted it for me to make sure it was still good. He's such a prince.

Everything is now up and operational now, thank God.

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