Saturday, May 25, 2013

The f-bomb...

Last night's blogging drama has awakened in me a desire to research the f-bomb.  I love sites like Urban Dictionary for this purpose, because people come up with some hilarious definitions for American idioms, slang words, and naughty words.  But sometimes YouTube has some funny stuff, too.  Like, for instance, this hilarious rant by the Angry Aussie...

I usually try not to cuss too much when I blog, even though I often swear a lot offline.  Personally, I think cuss words are just a part of the language and they have their place, even though they can be very offensive.  On the other hand, they can also be very funny.

Consider this rant I found on Craig's List early this morning.  It's entitled "I Don't Give A Flying Fuck About Your Children".  It's shockingly offensive, and yet it made me laugh my ass off before the sun rose this morning.  Why?  Because its extremely unabashed and gets the point across using the f-bomb in a number of creative ways.

I don't generally tell people to fuck off or say fuck you to them unless they really annoy me.  Last night, I happened to read blog comments after having enjoyed a couple of cocktails... and the comments were kind of like banging my head against a brick wall, because I have addressed them over and over and over again.

Yes, it does annoy me when a clueless twit hits my blog for the very first time and leaves me shitty comments that reflect that they haven't spent any time educating themselves about me before they leave me a comment full of hasty conclusions and faulty assumptions about my or my husband's character.  It's rude and offensive and it makes me want to respond in kind.  And if it happens to be a Friday night and I've enjoyed a few beverages, look out.   Don't like it?  Go read someone else's blog.

I use the f-bomb here on occasion.  If you are rude to me, you're likely to have it liberally lobbed at you.  I think it's funny and sometimes it's very appropriate.  It's not that I go around wanting to be mean and hurtful, though.  I don't seek out people to swear at.  It's strictly a defensive move on my part...

I suppose if I worked at it, I could come up with even more creative ways to tell people to fuck off.  I've determined it's kind of fun.

Hmm... the weather is beautiful today.  Might have to go on a beer run.


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