Friday, May 3, 2013

The death of Hotmail... and Amanda Knox

So today, Hotmail is "dead".  I have had a Hotmail account since the late 1990s.  I think I signed up for one in 1998 or so, and then when I got married in 2002 and changed my name, I opened another account in my married name.  I still have the one I used when I was single, though it's mostly full of spam and, curiously enough, emails for other people.

Somehow, other peoples' emails end up getting routed to my old Hotmail account and, I know in at least one case, the person who was supposed to get the email was a Mormon missionary who happened to have my old last name and same first initial.  A couple of times, I wrote to people to let them know that they had the wrong person.  Finally, I pretty much started to ignore the old account and only open it occasionally to dump old emails.

I had an interesting experience on MSN Messenger in 2000 or so.  Some guy sent me a message, asking how "Granny" was.  I was confused at first, but then it turned out that the guy was an Army buddy of my cousin's.  He has the same first initial as I do and, I think, might have had a similar Hotmail address.  So the guy messaged me, thinking he was getting my cousin.  It's remarkable to me, though, because obviously we aren't the only ones with our last name and the first initial J.  He could have gotten anybody, but he got me.  The guy turned out to be British and was actually a fun correspondent for awhile.

I still have a Hotmail address, but technically Hotmail is now Outlook.  I've actually been using the new interface for awhile now.  It's not too bad, but I don't see why we had to switch.  It looks like Outlook uses flash more than Hotmail did.  I also have Yahoo! and Gmail addresses, but I seem to use Hotmail the most, even though I've had emails go missing.  Yahoo! also recently changed its interface a bit.

I just started reading Amanda Knox's book.  It's somewhat interesting, so far.  A lot of people have said she's not very likable.  I'm not far enough into the book to determine that yet, though I do think that she made some rather unwise choices.  On the other hand, I can give her somewhat a pass for being as young as she was when she was studying in Italy.  She clearly had no street smarts and a need to be liked by men.  I still doubt she had anything to do with Meredith Kercher's murder, but then I need to read more of the book to be sure.

The weather in North Carolina is unseasonably cool this year.  I bet I'll be missing it in a few months when I'm in Texas, sweating my substantial ass off.

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