Sunday, May 5, 2013

One last post before I go... Because Miss Cleo invaded my thoughts...

Back in the late 90s, Miss Cleo was THE SHIT.  I remember going to Jamaica in 2002, when my sister got married, and Miss Cleo's ads were on TV all the time.

And the whole time I was in Jamaica, I kept thinking about Miss Cleo, imploring everyone to "Call [her] now for your free readin'"  I was in Jamaica kind of under duress, anyway.  My sister wanted me to sing at her wedding and would have been wicked pissed if I wasn't there.

The above ad is especially funny, because when I was in college, my friend Chris used to go around and say in a fake German accent, "Danke schoen, bitte schoen....  Has you got a question?  I gots the answer!"  Then he would grin and spread his legs while pointing at his crotch.  Chris is probably the best friend I've ever had.  He's like a brother from another mother.  I decided we'd be buddies for life when he told me the story of how his older brother used to torment him when they were kids by putting kernals of cut corn on his teeth so they appeared yellow.  Then he'd smile at Chris, thoroughly grossing him out.  For that reason, Chris hates corn.  I have similar reasons for hating mushrooms, but my hatred extends into an actual phobia.

Anyway, Miss Cleo popped into my head tonight... after I imbibed in a beer, a mojito, a mint julep, and half a bottle of wine.  No wonder, right?

And here she is on Jenny Jones's show... Jenny Jones is as washed up as Miss Cleo is.  I think she was eventually exposed for being a fake.  Big surprise!

Call me now for your free readin'!  ;-)


  1. My mom said she always disliked Jenny Jones at least as she presented herself on her TV program. She and Madame Cleo are two peas in a pod.

    I jst got totally ripped into bt a few mromons over a post I wrote months ago. What do these people do? Google search for things that might be anti-LDS just so that they can rant and play the roles of martyrs. It was unreal. Of the two who wrote more than two sentences, it's obvious that their combined IQs would not exceed 150.

  2. Which post?

    We're in Venice now, but will catch the train to Florence in a couple of hours.


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