Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hitting the road tomorrow...

I am terrible at packing.  I have a tendency to take too much stuff when I go on trips.  We're going to be gone for about two weeks and we'll even have access to a laundry service on SeaDream I.  But I never know what the weather is going to be like, so I end up packing a lot of shit.  And I have to dress up a bit for dinner, too.

I'm hoping tomorrow's flights will go smoothly.  We fly out of RDU at about 3:30, land in Philly, then fly out of Philly at 6:35.  We should be arriving in Venice at around 9:30 or so the next morning.  We'll spend about 30 hours in Venice, then head to Florence for two nights.  Then we'll go to Rome for two nights and head for the ship.  A week from  today, we'll be getting on the cruise.

I don't plan to do a lot of blogging while I'm gone because I'll have my iPad, which sucks to type on.  I have a keyboard that I could probably use... Maybe I'll bring it, but I hope to be too busy to want to write.

I spent this morning packing and cleaning... and I think the dogs know something is up.  I'll miss them.  I always do when we take these trips.

I expect I'll have plenty to write about when we get back on May 21st... especially on my travel blog!

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