Thursday, April 11, 2013

Somehow I missed this...

So, it turns out that LDS blogger I just started reading is something of a minor celebrity.  According to her most recent blog post, she is the star of a commercial for 5 Hour Energy Pink Lemonade.  That's the stuff that is often sold in convenience stores.  I've never tried it myself, but it does seem odd that a Mormon would pitch something like this in an ad.

Anyway, I never saw this commercial before today, even though I watch way too much TV.  Apparently, it aired a lot during October, which was Breast Cancer Awareness month.  The pink lemonade flavor was supposed to help raise funds to research breast cancer.  As our fair Mormon blogger sings, "the more you take, the more they'll pay..."  Again, odd for someone who is LDS, but she presumably got paid well for her work on this commercial.

Yes, that is her singing in the ad... though she's not really playing the guitar.  I have to admit; she's cute on camera.  I probably would have gotten pretty annoyed if this ad had appeared too much at my house, but it's definitely a catchy jingle.  The blogger, whose name is Allison Shiffler, says that she got lots of weird Facebook friend requests from older men looking for play.  Look her up on the Internet and she pops up a lot, which seems kind of dangerous for someone who works for CPS.  I know when I was looking into working for DC's child welfare office, I was encouraged to keep a low profile.

This is very surreal.  Allison claims she'd rather work for CPS than hawk things in commercials.  Well, I guess if she enjoys the job that much, she must be the right person for it.  I sure wouldn't want to do it, though.

As for the product, it was evidently linked to 13 deaths in the past four years.  It doesn't really seem like something that would be Word of Wisdom friendly...  on the other hand, the Word of Wisdom is not really as healthy as Mormons would have you believe.  

I got a kick out of this post on a Web site called Bro Council...  Apparently, this ad is not a welcome sight when guys are trying to watch football.

Think I'd rather take Pepto Bismol...


  1. Once -- just once -- a tried a berry-flavored version of one of those five-energy drinks;m I diidn'y actually hurl, but the taste alone gave me an immediae migraine long before the chemicals dsigned to increase energey had their chance to work their magic and make me legitimately sick.
    I genuinely liked berries before drinking that garbage.

    i like lemonade, so I would never touch, much less drink, the vile stuff that lady is advertising. It would take something i genuinely enjoy and ruin it for me forever, plus I'd get a mofo migraine.

  2. I wonder if the blogger ever tasted it.

    1. She should have taken a clue from the Bradys, who wanted to make sure they stood behind the laundry soap they were pitching.

  3. I remember that episode. They took acting lessons from a lady named Mihrna (or however she spelled it) and were "motivating" as the filmers were trying to make the commercial.

    It was one of the funnier Brady Bunch eps.

  4. I think the Bradys are a common phenomenon among most Americans! I remember watching re-runs when I was about six years old and it had only been off the air for a few years. It still runs today!

    That was one of the better episodes.


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