Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some people take Facebook way too seriously... Or, calm down, have some dip...

Following all this hullabaloo about the Boston Marathon bombers, there have been quite a few passionate exchanges on Facebook.  I unwittingly got involved in one last night.  Actually, I didn't really get involved.  I made an unrelated comment about an argument going on between two people from my hometown.  I don't remember saying anything really inflammatory, but apparently I upset someone because she decided to unfriend me.

It's no big deal, really.  I don't really know this person, even though she's from my hometown.  She friended me a couple of years ago and as God as my witness, I don't remember who the hell she is.  She's like a year younger than I am and I know we must have had some classes in school together or something.  But anyway, she was all upset about being called a "sheeple" by some other guy we knew.  I didn't see the exchange and wasn't involved in it.  I neither defended the guy or the woman... I just made an unrelated comment.  And she "showed me" by unfriending me.

I was immediately reminded of this clip from Saturday Night Live...

Immediately followed, of course, by this one from George Carlin...

It's a beautiful day.  I plan to take a road trip to Cary to buy a new plate to replace the one I broke the other day.  Then I shall purchase some vino... and maybe some dip.  ;-)


  1. Facebook isn't real life. This is a concept that eludes some people.


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