Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poop... and weight loss...

No, I'm not losing weight by abusing laxatives.  But I have noticed that a couple of pounds seem to have gone missing.  I know this because I tried on a dress, a bathing suit, and a blouse yesterday.  All three garments were almost unbearably tight a couple of weeks ago.  Now I notice they're merely snug. What's happened?

Well, I have made a few subtle lifestyle changes recently.  Probably the most significant thing is that I drastically cut down on my consumption of my beloved Diet Pepsi.  For years, I have slugged down can after can of the stuff, sweetened with aspartame.  I don't know what prompted me to stop drinking it.  I think it has to do with all the news reports I've been reading about how bad aspartame is for one's health.  Diet soda is definitely not good for people.  It's full of chemicals, dyes, and acids.  I have known this for years, but still continued to slurp away.

I have been a little concerned about my health.  I don't go to doctors unless it's absolutely necessary.  I am 40 and fatter than I ought to be.  So I decided to try cutting out diet soda.  It's been a few weeks and, except for a visit to a restaurant a couple of weeks ago, I haven't had any.  I'm surprised to say that I don't miss it much.  I replaced my diet sodas with Perrier, which is just sparkling French mineral water.  It works almost as well as Diet Pepsi did as an afternoon pickmeup.

The second thing I've done is start singing again.  Singing is, in and of itself, an athletic activity.  If you do it correctly, you should be using muscles and breathing correctly.  But when I sing, I don't eat; and I usually stand up, which burns more calories than sitting does.  So that might have had an effect on my physique.

I've also tried to cut back on my drinking.  I mean, I still drink more than I probably should.  But I have made an effort not to drink to excess so much.  Booze has calories that I don't need... and too much of it is not good for you.  So I'm trying to drink less and stick to beer and wine as opposed to liquor (which I don't like as much, anyway).

I'm spending a little more time outside with my dogs, too, trying to walk more.  While I have a long way to go, I feel a little better and I do think a few pounds have come off.  You probably wouldn't notice if you saw me every day and if you met me in person, you'd still think I'm a fatty.  But I notice.

Now, for the poop.  Last night, I was lying in bed reading.  I had just cleaned up a pile of Arran's dog shit in the living room.  As I was reading, I noticed that tell tale smell and looked to my right, where Arran was lying.  A single turd had worked its way out of his ass and onto my sheets.  Gross, huh?

I'd like to lose a little more weight before our trip.  It'll make the overnight flight more comfortable and my body less repulsive to look at in a bathing suit.



  1. That's great that singing has added benefits besides musical ones.

    My parents don't like soda, period, but they've never let my brother or me have diet soda when they were present to do anything about it. (Neither of us is concerned about weight, anyway, but once I was thirsty and the only thing that sounded decent to drink at my aunt's house was diet Coke. My parents said it was water, milk, or nothing.) My dad has always said that we haven't found out even half the bad things that will eventually come out about aspartame.

  2. I think I like fizz... and caffeine. But diet soda is expensive and does nothing for the body. If I can stand to live without it, I probably should.


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