Sunday, April 14, 2013


I took this photo yesterday while enjoying a beautiful afternoon on our deck.  The photo is right side up.  I shot this while looking at the sky with the camera, which made it look like the trees were upside down.  It was an interesting perspective.

My husband and I were listening to music, soaking up rays, enjoying libations, and hanging out with our dogs.  I was in a pretty good mood because I had actually found a reviewable link on Epinions for my brand new camera, which has only been on the market for a few weeks.  Epinions has a terrible search engine, so I wasn't expecting to find the link.  When I did, I decided to post about it on the Epinions messageboard.

I didn't get any responses until my post was up for a few hours.  Someone lamented that no one had commented on my good news.  Then someone else came along and made some comment about how the search engine still sucks and not getting any better.  I came back and commented that I was just doing a happy dance and was sorry someone was being a buzzkill about my good experience.  There are plenty of threads about how the search engine doesn't work, but very few about successes.  I was trying to be positive.  And then, a couple more people said the search engine sucks.

I agreed whole-heartedly that the search engine sucks.  I reiterated that I was just excited that I managed to find my very new camera in the database.  The negative poster came back and explained why I was wrong to post what I did.  I said he was entitled to his opinion, but I was likewise entitled to react to his opinion and I thought he was being a bit of a curmudgeon.  I also added that it's rare that I post on the messageboards, but every time I do, I seem to attract derisive comments from the peanut gallery.  And that makes me not want to post there.

So then he accused me of taking things too personally and having no sense of humor.  I didn't actually see anything funny about what he wrote.  To me, it was more sarcastic than funny.  Then, I noticed that I had one less person on my "Web of trust".  I'm not sure, but I think that guy actually untrusted me over this.  Untrusting is sort of the Epinions equivalent to unfriending.  

I was suddenly reminded of that incident from earlier this week and related it in my post.  I said that I didn't think I lacked a sense of humor.  I was just seeing things from a different perspective. I then said I was bowing out of the thread and wished everyone a pleasant rest of the weekend.

I actually met this particular poster in 2005, when my husband and I went to Seattle on vacation and attended an Epinions Meet and Greet.  He described himself as a poet and was actually having a reading that day.  We didn't attend, though, because we were both very jetlagged and I was having trouble staying awake as it was.  I'm also not much of a poetry fan.  I seem to recall that guy got pissed off about something on Epinions and left for awhile to write on another site.  Then, when the other site folded, he came back to Epinions, where he continually bitches on the messageboards.

It occurred to me this morning that this is the second time a Nikon camera has resulted in Epinions drama involving me.  The first time was back in November 2010, when my husband gave me a base level Nikon CoolPix camera for our anniversary.  I already blogged about that incident as it occurred.  It really erupted into a big drama, though, that went on during the whole weekend.

A whole bunch of people were left blinded by the drama and didn't understand how it started.

Anyway, I do laugh when people say I have no sense of humor.  If they knew me personally, I think they'd never say that about me.  I have a very healthy sense of humor and can laugh at all sorts of things.  I think the issue was that I called the guy on the carpet for crapping on my enthusiasm and he didn't appreciate that.  Honestly, though, when I decided to post something positive, I had no idea my thread would degenerate into an online argument.   Ah well.

As another poster pointed out, people are gonna say what they're gonna say.  I guess I'll just stick to writing reviews and blogging... and color.

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